Graduated Driver’s License Laws Protect Teen Drivers

Many states have finally realized that simply passing a driver’s license exam is not enough to prove that teenage drivers are ready to venture onto public roads. It is odd that society hands over 100 mph death machines to our children, and that we are shocked that the leading cause of death in teens are car accidents. Thankfully more states are adopting a Graduated Driver’s License system that will protect teens and other drivers from the mistakes that inexperience breeds.

What exactly is a Graduated Driver’s License?

A Graduated Driver’s License is a licensing process for new drivers that aims to restrict their driving privileges until they can:

  • Gain ample driving experience
  • Reach a specific age
  • Reach a specific age
  • Prove that they are responsible enough to drive without causing harm to other drivers


The Leading Cause of Death For Teens

The most common cause of death for teenagers are car accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that 9 teenagers die everyday from car accident injuries. Teen drivers are also 4 times more likely to be involved in a car accident than an adult over the age of 35. While fatalities have decreased from car accidents due to safer cars, seat belt laws and graduated licenses– Still around 4000 teens are killed each year in accidents. How do we decrease this number?

Where do most car accidents occur?

According to the Department of Transportation, most car accidents occur within 25 miles of one’s home. For teenage drivers this is normally pinned down to commuting to and from school, visiting friends, and hanging out at local shopping malls. It is also reported that a teenager is 50% more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident within their first year of driving. Inexperience kills.


Learn Skills That Can Save Your Life

In 2012 there were an average of 16,934 car accidents per day, and an average of 115 deaths per day due to motor vehicle accidents in Atlanta and the US. Driving is risky business and at any moment you are a decision away from causing harm to yourself or others. It is unfortunate that most states will hand over a driver’s license to anyone who can weave through a slalom of cones and who can parallel park. Obviously these driving tests do not prove that a person is prepared for the responsibility of driving on public roads. As a safety conscious driver, it would benefit you to enroll in a defensive driving course. The skills learned in a defensive driving course will help you avoid accidents and avoid being a statistic.


Treatment Process After A Car Accident In Atlanta

Treatment Process After A Car Accident In Atlanta | AICA AtlantaCar accidents can cause your neck and spine to become misaligned. The biggest concern with car accidents is that a lot of injuries, especially whiplash, do not appear immediately after an accident.

Often times a person will find that several weeks after the accident they are experiencing headaches, back aches and pain in their neck.

Many of the sufferers of these symptoms do not correlate their current condition with the accident they had several weeks ago.

Even minor accidents can cause forces that disrupt the balance of the neck and spine.

It is important to see a chiropractor whenever these issues arise, and in some cases it is best to see a chiropractor after any car accident.


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