New Chrysler Recall Urges Owners to Stop Driving

New Chrysler Recall Urges Owners to Stop Driving | AICA ConyersThe Chrysler Group recently announced that it will be recalling nearly 4,500 2013 Dodge Challengers due to a potential fire hazard. This problem could result in the overheating of a wire harness or a possible short circuit that could result in a fire. While Chrysler has indicated that seven known incidents have occurred, they have also stated that no injuries have resulted.

This particular recall will only affect Dodge Challengers from model year 2013 that have a V-6 engine and were constructed during a two month period that ended on January 24, 2013. Approximately 2,500 of the affected vehicles have been sold, while the rest are still sitting in dealerships.


Five Guidelines for Reducing Workplace Trips, Slips and Falls In Atlanta

Slips, Trips, and Falls Chiropractic Statistics | AICA AtlantaAccording to information released by the U.S. Department of Labor, falls, trips, and slips make up most of the accidents in general industry.

This accounts for about 25% of all work injury claims reported each fiscal year and 15% of all deaths ruled as accidental each year.

In order to prevent your employees from visiting a Chiropractor in Atlanta to treat a work accident injury, try following a few practical guidelines to prevent or reduce workplace falls, trips, and slips.

1. Practice Good Housekeeping

Good housekeeping and safety need each other, and if your organization has poor housekeeping habits you will increase your likelihood of having employee injuries. Develop an ongoing procedure for proper housekeeping that can be implemented into each of your employee’s daily performance. Assign responsibilities to specific workers for what he or she will clean up each day.


Helpful Tips for Preventing Backyard Trampoline Injuries In Atlanta

Preventing Trampoline Injuries | AICA AtlantaBackyard trampolines are a fun way for kids to get exercise, but they are also a major cause of accidents and injuries in children.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Review, in 2006 alone there were almost 110,000 reported trampoline injuries in the United States.

While chiropractors in Atlanta can help children and adults to recover from many accidents related to trampolines, it is best to prevent these accidents from occurring in the first place.

Risk Factors for Trampoline Injuries and Accidents

Nearly 75% of injuries on a trampoline occur when there are too many people jumping at the same time. Smaller sized jumpers also have a likelihood of injury that is 14 times higher than that of heavy jumpers.

Over 27% of injuries are due to a slip and fall incidents off of the trampoline, as well as through the surrounding enclosures and netting.

Other injuries from trampolines occur when the jumper makes contact with the springs of the trampoline. Approximately 20% of all trampoline-related injuries occur when a jumper impacts with the springs or the frame.


Broken Collarbone Treatment and Care For Car Accident Victims In Atlanta

Broken-Collarbone-Treatment-and-Care | AICA-AtlantaA broken collarbone or clavicle is common in certain types of auto accidents.

The collarbones are found on each side of the chest, and they are attached to the shoulders and breastbone by ligaments.

Most commonly, these bones will break in car accidents when the upper body suffers trauma in which it is thrown up against an object.

Information on follow-up treatment and care after breaking a collarbone in a car accident is identified below.

Medical Treatment

Most collarbones can be treated with a sling. In some cases, a figure eight splint may be used.

Patients will be told to wear the sling constantly until pain associated with movement stops.

This is typically 4-8 weeks with adults. Pain medications may be prescribed, but some patients may find that over-the-counter medications work to ease their discomfort.


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