What is Third Party Liability Insurance?

When an accident occurs and an insurance claim is filed, three parties can be involved in the process. The first party in the situation is you as the policy holder. Your insurance carrier is the second party. If your accident involved another person, such as a driver of another vehicle in the case of a car accident, that person is the third party. Therefore, third party liability insurance is essential in order to protect you if another party makes claims against you.

Function of Third Party Liability Insurance

The main function of this type of insurance is your protection if you are involved in and cause an accident. These accidents can occur at you home, when you are behind the wheel of your car, or at your place of work. Liability coverage works to reimburse others by paying for damages that have been awarded during a lawsuit. The amount reimbursed will depend on the limits set by your insurance company, and in some instances, the outcome of a court case.


What to Expect During Treatment for a Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury or trauma can be caused by a variety of events, one of the most common being motor vehicle accidents. These injuries require immediate attention from an Atlanta car accident injury doctor. The physician will likely complete a physical exam along with diagnostic imaging in order to determine the extent of the problem. Treatment options may vary depending on the type and scope of the injury.

First Stages of Treatment

When emergency personnel are called to the scene of an auto accident where they expect a spinal injury has taken place, they will work quickly to immobilize the spine. This is typically done using a carrying board and neck collar, and these items are used to transport the patient to the hospital to be evaluated by an Atlanta auto accident doctor. While in the ER, doctors will focus on:

  • Shock prevention
  • Preventing further damage to the spine through immobilization
  • Maintaining the individual’s ability to breathe
  • Avoiding potential complications like cardiovascular difficulty, blood clots, and urine or stool retention


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