How Your Local Atlanta Chiropractor Can Help You Cope with Depression and Chronic Pain
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Chronic pain refers to pain that lasts at least three months, and it is common for individuals that suffer from it to also suffer from depression.

While some chronic pain is caused by a diagnosable medical problem, such as spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease, in other cases it has no clear cause.

Some individuals experience depression that results from their chronic pain and in some cases this depression can ultimately worsen or make the pain last longer.

However, there are a few things that patients can do to try to cope with this cycle of depression and chronic pain.

Minimize the Development of Chronic Pain

By talking to your chiropractor in Atlanta about your symptoms of depression while experiencing pain, your doctor may consider developing a treatment plan for both conditions. An individual that has shown signs of depression may be more likely to develop a problem with chronic pain that lasts beyond the initial personal injury.

A good doctor can suggest treatment options that are based on both the physical pain and the individual’s mental state.


Adjust Your Posture to Reduce Lumbar Stenosis Pain

Individuals that are dealing with spinal stenosis suffer from considerable pain. Some of the most common symptoms include leg pain, numbness, burning sensations, and tingling. While lower back pain may also occur, leg pain is often the most severe.

When seeking chiropractic care, chiropractors in Atlanta may perform adjustments and manipulations, but they may also discuss how postural changes can reduce lumbar stenosis pain.

This is because stenosis pain is decreased when proper posture reduces nerve root and spinal cord pressure.

Many daily activities require the proper functioning of the back to complete, including opening doors, sitting in a desk chair, and picking up items.

While the back is specifically designed to partake in these activities, proper posture is necessary to protect it from injury or strain.

In addition, proper posture can help to reduce pain, specifically when this pain is aggravated by lumbar stenosis. Some tips for adjusting your posture are outlined below.


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