Are Chiropractors Really Doctors?

Are Chiropractors Really Doctors? | AICA ConyersChiropractors, who are often referred to as doctors of Chiropractic’s, are sometimes confused with medical doctors.

While there are similarities between the two professions, there are also some major differences.

Chiropractors are similar to doctors in other health care professions such as dentistry, podiatry, and optometry, and they typically have a degree of “Doctor of Chiropractic.”

However, medical doctors have the ability to prescribe medications, while Chiropractors do not.

Additional facts also help to differentiate between chiropractic doctors and medical doctors.


Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy: Is it Really Safe?

Pregnancy takes a major toll on the body, and as the weeks go on, some women search for ways to relieve their back and joint pain.

While many women turn to Chiropractic care as a solution, others are hesitant because they are unsure if an adjustment is safe for them and their baby.

Fortunately, some simple education about Chiropractic care can put the minds of expectant mothers at ease.


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