Ways to Deal With Holiday Stress

The holiday season is in full swing, along with every ounce of stress that comes with it. From the hectic shopping to traveling to dealing with disgruntled family members, you will likely feel some form of pressure and anxiety during this time of joy and goodwill.Holiday Shopping | AICA

You don’t have to let stress take hold of you and your holiday. Follow these six ways to deal with holiday stress and enjoy the season ahead of you.

1) Stretch

Holiday shopping, while enjoyable, can take a lot out of you. Make sure you stretch when you start your shopping trip to loosen up muscles and prepare them for the hours of standing and walking. This will also allow you to release any tension that may have built up in your muscles and help your stamina for the day.


The Activator Technique: What It Means and How It Can Help Chiropractic Patients Living In Atlanta, GA

Activator Technique

There are different types of chiropractic adjustments, many of which involve unaided physical intervention by the chiropractor. By using hands and arms to effect holds, bends, or a quick thrust, chiropractors can adjust the position of vertebrae and joints in the body.

In this way a chiropractor can relieve a patient’s pain, tension and a variety of symptoms that may stem from some type of painful lower back condition.

However, there is a helpful instrument that acts as an extension to a chiropractors hand, and can reduce the amount of physical contact that a doctor has with the patient, while actually increasing the effectiveness of treatment.The Activator Technique: What It Means & How It Helps Chiropractic Patients In Atlanta | AICA Atlanta

It’s called the Activator, and in many cases it can be superior when properly used. It looks like a T-shaped wedge that fits into the palm of your hand.

FDA approved since 1997, the device releases a small, spring-loaded bolt, which impacts the site on a patient’s body that a chiropractor would like to adjust.

The newest model, known as the Activator V, is the first cordless, electrical chiropractic adjustment tool available.


Three Things To Know About Stretching In Between Visits To The Chiropractor In Atlanta

It’s pretty easy to take your back to the chiropractor.Three Things To Know About Stretching In Between Visits To The Chiropractor In Atlanta | AICA Atlanta

What may be harder to figure out is what to do once you’ve left the doctor’s office and are at home.

For those who are suffering with lower back pain and need to visit a chiropractor on a regular basis, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to staying healthy and pain free.

If you are looking for simple, light ways to stay in shape in between visits to your chiropractor in Atlanta, check out the following considerations around personal stretching.

Stretch In The Morning

Make healthy living a habit by stretching out your limbs when you wake up. It can even be while you’re still in bed.

Enjoy yourself, and remember that you’ve got arms, legs and a trunk in between that all need TLC, which is something that not enough of us get.

But when you begin your morning thinking about wellness, you’re probably going to think more about staying healthy throughout the day – which will remind you of the following tips.

Avoid Sit Ups

While having a strong core is great for your back, there are multiple ways to get it. Crunches or sit-ups shouldn’t be among them because they stress your spine. Instead, become a plank, which is a pose in Yoga and some boxing or military training regimens.

Get into position for a push-up, but don’t worry, you’re not going to do one. Instead – just stay that way. The longer the better. Try for 15-20 seconds, or until your whole abdomen burns.

Hamstring Stretches

Laying flat on the floor or a mat on your back, bend your left leg until your foot is flush with the floor. Now sit up, take a towel – loop it over the bottom of your left foot and hold onto the ends.

Lay back down with your leg in the air and use the towel to pull it as high as you can – up to 90 degrees with a slight bend in the knee. Hold it this way for 10 seconds and repeat three times with each leg.


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