Chiropractic Care In Atlanta: Migraine Headache Treatment

Migraine Headache Treatment In Atlanta | AICA AtlantaIf you are prone to headaches—or even just experience them once in a while—you know how terrible they can be.

A headache disrupts your day or night and makes it difficult to concentrate on any task.

Learn some of the common causes and hear from Dr. Lea Holcomb, D.C., Chiropractic Director of Chiro One Wellness Center of Vernon Hills about how chiropractors can help alleviate severe migraine headaches.


Don’t Call In Sick To Your Chiropractic Appointment In Atlanta

Don't Call In Sick To Your Chiropractic Appointment In Atlanta | AICA AtlantaJust like you would keep an appointment with your general practitioner when you are sick, you should keep your chiropractic appointment in Atlanta.

You may be tempted to call and cancel, but it’s far better that you come in to see the doctor and receive your treatment.


What is Personal Injury Protection?

What is Personal Injury Protection | AICA AtlantaThe chance of suffering from spinal and other injuries after being involved in an auto accident in Atlanta is very high.

Because of this, the Georgia Legislature has stated that all private automobile insurance policies must contain a provision for Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) coverage.

This includes a legal minimum of $15,000 in medical expenses or more if a more comprehensive level has been purchased. PIP benefits cover, among other things, all medical treatment that is necessary, reasonable, and related to the collision for two years following the incident.

PIP benefits protect all drivers and passengers occupying a vehicle, as well as pedestrians and cyclists who are struck by a car. PIP benefits apply regardless of fault.


Chiropractic Care and Accident Related Injuries In Atlanta

Automobile Accident Treatment In Atlanta | AICA AtlatnaAny injury that is sustained as a result of an automobile accident in Atlanta can be extremely painful, adding on to an already traumatic experience.

Even when bones aren’t broken, and particular symptoms aren’t visible, injuries like Whiplash can have devastating implications for your long-term health.


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