Don’t Wake Up Sore and Stiff Anymore!

Don't Wake Up Sore and Stiff Anymore | AICA AtlantaAfter a long summer day in Atlanta, the last thing on your mind as you crawl into bed for a goodnight’s sleep is the position your head, neck, and back take when lying down.

However, for those who find themselves waking up sore on a regular basis, you might want to consider adjusting the way you position yourself when going to sleep.

Review the following recommendations that should help you feel well rested and in great condition each morning.

If you are still in pain when you wake up after trying these tips out, make sure to give our office a call to schedule an immediate consultation or examination.


How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Patients With Crohn’s Disease

Treating Crohn's Disease With Chiropractic | AICA AtlantaNamed after the doctor who identified the disease, Dr. Burrill B. Crohn, Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel condition affecting the gastrointestinal tract.

While comparable to ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease is not the same illness.

An estimated 700,000 Americans suffer from Crohn’s disease; it affects men and women of any age. The most commonly affected age group is 15 to 35 years of age.

There is currently no cure for Crohn’s disease, but there are viable treatment options for the painful symptoms. Chiropractic care is one such option.


Don’t Become A Statistic When It Comes To Neck Pain In Atlanta

Treating Neck Pain In Atlanta | AICA AtlantaOne of the most prevalent conditions chiropractors encounter and treat is neck pain.

According to a National Institute of Health Statistics (NIHS) national survey, neck pain is the second most common type of pain in the United States (following back pain and on par with headaches and migraines).

An estimated 75 percent of Americans will be affected by neck pain at some point in their lives.

As specialists in the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors are the ideal healthcare practitioners to treat problems related to the neck.


Protect Your Children From Back Pain Caused By School Backpacks

How To Prevent Back Pain Caused By Backpacks | AICA AtlantaChiropractors, pediatricians and orthopedic surgeons alike agree that backpacks are a problem for a child’s spine.

While a backpack alone may not cause major problems, overloading and improper carrying of a backpack can lead to headaches, neck, shoulder, and lower back pain.

According to an article published in Spine, “Of the 1,122 backpack users, 74% were classified as having back pain, validated by significantly poorer general health, more limited physical function, and more bodily pain.”


Treatment For Whiplash Patients In Atlanta

Treating Whiplash In Atlanta | AICA AtlantaWhiplash is a non-medical term used to describe a condition that occurs when the head and neck move quickly forward and then backward or, sideways.

This sudden movement results in the normal range of motion being surpassed and causes injury to the soft tissues (discs, ligaments, and muscles) of the neck.

People usually associate whiplash with car accidents, but these injuries can also result from a slip and fall accident, sports injuries, as well as physical assaults.

This rapid movement of the neck and head not only damages the soft tissues of the neck but can also cause mild traumatic brain injuries. The symptoms associated with these injuries can be non-specific and ubiquitous. They include difficulty concentrating, or a sense of “fuzziness”.


Treat Tension Headaches With Chiropractic Care

Treating tension headaches with chiropractic | AICA AtlantaMost people characterize a tension headache as a feeling of a dull ache behind the eyes or narrow band around the head. A frequent cause of tension headaches is subluxations in the neck and upper back, which are, in most cases, improved with chiropractic adjustments.

Headaches affect most people at some point and they can make themselves known in many different ways. Some people experience a pounding sensation inside their whole head.

Some people experience pain behind their eyes or in one part of their head. Some people even experience dizziness, while others do not.

The pain itself may be sharp or dull and may last for anywhere from a few days to a few minutes. The good news is that very few headaches are indicative of a serious underlying condition, but some conditions require urgent medical attention.


Chiropractic For Treating Patients Suffering With Chronic Headaches

Treating Headaches With Chiropractic | AICA AtlantaAlthough migraines affect a considerable number of people, the causes are not entirely understood.

Changes in chemical balances within the body and changes in the function of the nervous systems or blood in particular areas of the brain have been linked to the cause of migraine attacks.

So, it is interesting that chiropractic care has been shown to be effective for those who suffer from migraines.

Migraines are usually divided into two categories, although many more subdivisions exist. These are referred to as ‘common’ and ‘classic’ migraine.


Keep Chiropractic Care In Mind This Summer

Keep Chiropractic Care In Mind This Summer | AICA AtlantaYay for summertime!

Increased outdoor activities, working around the home, and expanding our variety of exercises are all part of the enjoyment and fun we look forward to.

Along with all these inspiring summer activities comes the extra strain and pressure on your back and body. Bummer!

We all love to ‘play’ in the summer sun, whether it be beach volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, gardening, or golf. Regardless of your winter activity level, all this new activity may be a bit of a shock to your system.


Tips From Our Chiropractors To Help With Your Summer Gardening

Avoid Back Pain When Gardening | AICA AtlantaMost of us who enjoy outside work in the garden or on the lawn are right at the stage of moving from spring to fall with a lot of cleanup activities.

If that describes you too, a few chiropractic tips may be helpful to avoid sore knees, shoulders, and back pain.

The American Chiropractic Association suggest caution with hedge clippers, leaf blowers, and weed trimmers. Know how to use your tools to avoid back and neck pain or more serious muscle tears and strains.

All of that repetitive motion can have a detrimental impact on the body.


How To Prevent Back Pain For Patients In Atlanta

How To Prevent Back Pain In Atlanta | AICA AtlantaApproximately 80% of people will have a serious back pain episode at some point in their life.

Once you experience an episode of back pain, it is likely to recur, usually within 1 year of first onset.

What a terrible thing!

It’s no surprise that billions of dollars are spent on back pain treatment each year, and that the chiropractic profession has a good outlook for job growth in the near future – everybody is getting back pain and not receiving effective treatment.

So, what about all of those billions of dollars being spent? Are they curing pain with expensive devices, surgeries, drugs? In general, the answer is no.


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