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Sometimes having an adjustment isn’t enough.

While our chiropractors can work wonders with injured patients, when an injury is more severe, or just doesn’t respond to neck and back manipulation, rest assured that we have other options that can help you regain the health you had before an accident.

One of them is our Orthopedic medical team.

Whether you’ve been in an auto accident, slip and fall or a work related mishap, we staff the professional team that handles fractures, bone dislocations, spine and joint pain. At AICA Atlanta, our board certified orthopedists offer comprehensive medical services to injury victims.

Often after being discharged from the hospital or your primary care doctor, you’ll be referred to an orthopedist. Let us be your first choice, both for our experience, and our amenities.

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When To See An Orthopedist

  • When you’re having a hard time using part of your body, like your legs, arms or hands. Think about how your joints are feeling, and if the pain is coming from your hips, shoulders or wrists.
  • If you’re experiencing pain in any muscles or joints, which are your soft tissues, then consider how long the pain is lasting. If it’s more than several days, you should call us for an evaluation.
  • If the pain you’re feeling gets worse when you’re not moving
  • If there is bruising or inflammation around your joint or the point of an injury
  • If the joint doesn’t look normal
  • If you can’t move the joint the way you’re accustomed to doing
  • If you feel or see any indication of an infection, which can be heat, swelling, redness or a fever


The Orthopedist

Our doctors of orthopedic medicine focus on healing your muscular-skeletal system. They can assess and diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and help you prevent injury and disease to the joints, ligaments and bones in your body. These issues include both accident and sports injuries that involve pain or outright broken bones, and stretched or torn soft tissue.

We accurately diagnose and treat your fractures, broken bones, and dislocations. We can also remove staples, stitches and glass, apply casts, monitor your healing, and prescribe medication for fast pain relief.

The sooner you visit us, the sooner you’ll recover. We can easily treat most injuries, but the less time that you wait, the more we can speed you through to recovery.

When Do We Operate?

The short answer is that we probably won’t.

Just because you have in injury – even one that is painful or looks severe – doesn’t mean you’re a candidate for surgery. In fact our doctors put off surgery as the absolute last resort, which means any fear you may have of treatment, no matter what your condition, you can leave at the door. The worst thing is to put off seeing us, because you won’t be getting the help you need.

First lines of treatment are most likely to include physical therapy, medications and other procedures. When surgery is recommended, there are often options for arthroscopic techniques that are minimally invasive, and can lead to solutions to pain and structural problems.

Unique Benefits At AICA

If you’re seeing us for an injury, we have resources to help you get the most out of your treatment for the least cost to you. In fact, the people who choose recovery with us usually have no expenses, because we always bill the at fault insurance company.

We’re happy to accept third party insurance, and to work on attorney lien in order to provide your care. We give a free consultation to all of our patients, which includes the use of our X-ray machine on an as needed basis. We also have access to an open MRI that we use to explore, treat and document injuries to your soft tissue that the X-ray machine can miss.

Regardless of your situation if you’ve been injured call our AICA Orthopedic team. You can do that 24/7, because we’re serious about connecting you to the best post-accident help. We can give you a ride if you’re too hurt to travel yourself, and we can often make same day appointments.

Call now and learn what we can do for you.

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