Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy | AICA AtlantaThe practice of Chiropractic medicine utilizes a wide variety of treatment solutions that address muscle or myofascial pain.

For patients who receive some muscle damage as a result of an accident, Trigger Point Therapy may be recommended by your Chiropractor as a means for treating the most sensitive areas of your injury.

What Is A Trigger Point?

When your muscles are exposed to significant trauma and are injured. As a result, myofascial trigger points can develop, which appear as small knotty deposits within your body.

Trigger points can exist for several years after the original accident took place and if left untreated or ignored, can lead to chronic pain and extreme stiffness.

Advantages of Trigger Point Therapy

When compared to other Chiropractic solutions, Trigger Point Therapy is designed to address the primary source of pain through the application of isolated pressure and release techniques.

Where other solutions and methods provide effective pain relief by addressing the areas that surround your injury, Trigger Point Therapy can focus on the exact location(s) of your pain, allowing doctors to address the root causes of your injured muscle.

Other considerations to keep in mind are:

  • Trigger Point Therapy sees the recipient participate with their Chiropractor through a combination of deep breathing exercises and ongoing communication that indicates the type of discomfort you experience while therapy is conducted.
  • Most patients notice immediate results when it comes to reducing their pain; usually returning to their normal way of life after just one visit!

How Do I Know If I Have Trigger Points?

diagnosig trigger points | AICA AtlantaIf you have been involved in some accident over the last ten years and have been dealing with some level of pain around the area of your injury, you should schedule an examination with one of our experienced Chiropractors right away.

Although the degree of pain associated with Trigger Points varies from patient to patient, most people notice an underlying ache and intense soreness that surrounds the area of their injury.

If you happen to experience numbness around the affected area or some “pins and needles” sensation on a regular basis, these are often indicators that trigger points exist within your muscles.

How Do The Chiropractors At AICA Atlanta Diagnose Trigger Points?

To determine whether or not your muscles have developed trigger points, one of our licensed Chiropractors will have to conduct a thorough examination of the areas of interest.

During the examination, your Chiropractor will use their hands to feel for lumps or bumps that exist within your musculature.

You will know if your doctor has discovered a trigger point if you suddenly feel pain in the particular area where they are applying pressure.

Treating Trigger Points

There are some techniques that your Chiropractor can use to address and treat trigger points. Some of the most effective forms of treatment include:

  • Direct Pressure
  • Spray-Stretch Technique
  • Dry Needling

Treating Trigger Points with Direct Pressure

Treating Trigger Points With Direct Pressure | AICA AtlantaThe most popular method for treating trigger points is through the application of direct pressure.

With this, your Chiropractor uses their finger or thumb to help soften up or release the constricted muscles that surround the affected area of your body. This allows blood to transfer freely to and from your injury, which supports the healing process.

Depending on your particular condition, your Chiropractor may recommend some home solutions that you can apply on your own time, such as leaning up against a small rubber ball to help loosen damaged tissue.

Utilizing the Spray-Stretch Technique

This particular solution sees a cooling agent sprayed on the damaged muscle, which is immediately followed by controlled stretching techniques.

Although this particular type of treatment can be useful, it is not always practical depending on how restricted your movement is based on your injury.

Considerations Associated With Dry Needling

This method uses fine needles, similar to those used in acupuncture, which is inserted directly into the center of each trigger point. This action is entirely pain-free and helps reduce the size of your trigger points so that they can be easily massaged away.

For most patients who use this technique, the duration of their sessions tend to last no more than fifteen minutes.

Post-Trigger Point Treatment Guide

post-trigger point treatment | AICA AtlantaOnce our Chiropractors can completely remove and treat your trigger points, it is critical that you keep your body completely hydrated to efficiently release the toxins that have built up within the affected areas.

By not remaining hydrated, it is highly likely that the toxins will make you sick in some form or fashion.

In addition to this, you may want to consider taking an Epsom salt bath to help assist with the removal of toxins and the reduction of muscle soreness.

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