Treating “Text Neck” With Chiropractic Care

Atlanta chiropractic care for text neck and neck pain | AICA AtlantaIn today’s world, just about every person either has a cell phone, tablet device, or gaming system; if not all of three.

These devices have become ingrained in our daily routines because of our social and professional obligations, as well as for personal convenience.

Because of this, maintaining appropriate posture and proper ergonomics has significantly diminished over the last decade, creating intense neck pain known as “text neck.”


How Atlanta’s Chiropractic Patients Can Benefit From Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy In Atlanta | AICA AtlantaAtlanta Trigger Point Therapy serves as an excellent alternative solution for those who suffer from chronic pain derived from subluxations and muscle damage.

What Are Trigger Points?

For those who are not familiar with the term, trigger points are particular spots within your muscle fibers that have become damaged or overstrained and produce severe reactions when compressed.

There are some chiropractic techniques our Atlanta office use to effectively treat patients who have trigger points, including Trigger Point Therapy, which is also known as myofascial or neuromuscular therapy.


Don’t Become A Statistic When It Comes To Neck Pain In Atlanta

Treating Neck Pain In Atlanta | AICA AtlantaOne of the most prevalent conditions chiropractors encounter and treat is neck pain.

According to a National Institute of Health Statistics (NIHS) national survey, neck pain is the second most common type of pain in the United States (following back pain and on par with headaches and migraines).

An estimated 75 percent of Americans will be affected by neck pain at some point in their lives.

As specialists in the musculoskeletal system, chiropractors are the ideal healthcare practitioners to treat problems related to the neck.


Causes of Neck and Upper Back Pain for Chiropractic Patients in Atlanta

Causes of Neck and Upper Back Pain In Atlanta | AICA AtlantaFor people who suffer from neck pain, the source of the problem is often related to tension within their upper shoulders.

Your body can function properly because it is set up as an interconnected network of physiological processes, which is to say that each area of your body affects how the others work

The significant tension in the upper area of your back is usually a signal that the nerve and blood supply connected to your neck and head is cut off. When this situation takes places, our Atlanta Chiropractors often treat patients who experience symptoms like:

  • tingling
  • aching
  • numbness or the traditional “pins and needles” sensation

Most of the time, neck conditions are in some way influenced by or connected to problems in your upper back, since the majority of your neck muscles are either located in or attached to your upper back.


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