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Sure, you know Durhamtown, Locust Stake and Seminole ATV park, but when you need an Atlanta ATV accident doctor – you need to know AICA.


AICA – we’re the best when it comes to your after accident health and rehabilitation.

We’re more than experienced. Not only do we offer X-rays, and feature state of the art MRI technology, but our orthopedic doctors can diagnose and treat fractures, broken bones, dislocations, apply casts, remove staples, stitches and glass, monitor your ongoing healing and prescribe medication for fast pain relief.

We’re also open 24/7, offer same day appointments and transportation if you’re unable to move because of your injury.

ATV Stats

ATV’s were first introduced in the United States in the 1970′s, and marketed like toys for kids of all ages. They are generally small one to two passenger vehicles engineered for off-road use and capable of reaching speeds upwards of 90 mph. They’re open air machines, lacking a roll cage, and equipped with rugged deep-tread tires to scale steep hills, sand dunes and get just about anywhere. They’re also used for outdoor work, on ranches and areas where quick transportation is necessary.

But mostly, they’re used for sport, and the injuries are real.
800 deaths and 130,000 accidents a year, quoth the New York Times. While the concern for safety and increase of safer alternatives has dropped total quad sales over 30%, there isn’t much that can be done for making an inherently dangerous machine less deadly.

A lot of riders will balk at that statement, but the numbers should speak for themselves. Fatal injuries of ATV riders aged 40 and older went from 9% in 1982 to 38% in 2012. That being said, since the banning of three-wheeled ATV sales, the number of deaths to youth aged 20 and below has dropped from 54% in 1982 to 18% in 2012.

ATV Injuries

ATV injuries can range from minor to serious, and are nothing to make light of.

An auto-shift ATV can weigh up to 600 pounds. It’s a behemoth that not even an adult can control when it’s going out of control. Yes, they’re easy to drive, but while the machines may look benign compared to two-wheel motorcycles, and the antiquated, three wheeled ATV’s of the 1980’s, a quad’s rock steady appearance is really a mirage of safety.

There’s a number of reasons.

Unfortunately, there are continuous stories of children getting seriously injured and killed on ATV’s. While 12 years is the minimum legal age to ride an ATV on public land, on private land there are often no restrictions about when a child can drive.

ATV Helmet Use

Only 8% of ATV enthusiasts killed in 2012 wore a helmet.
92% of deaths involved a rider without a helmet.

This is compared to 41% of fatally injured motorcycle riders who wore a helmet. While ATV’s are driven under almost exclusively recreational situations – either the outback driving or the vehicle itself foster the impression that a helmet is less necessary than an ATV, than while driving a motorcycle.

Catch the Quad

Even people who are experienced riders, when they’re off roading, have a suicidal split-second reflex to catch the quad.

They’re powering an ATV uphill, max out their torque, lose traction and start to fall either backwards or sideways depending on the terrain. Either they don’t have time to get out of the way – or worse – they did have time but instead tried to save their 300 to 600 pound vehicle from rolling back down.

Roughly speaking, a motorcycle is flat, while the ATV is a block or a ball – at least when it’s bouncing out of control downhill. While a motorcycle will slide, the ATV will turn end over end, slamming down and crushing everything in it’s path. That path is erratic, because it’s not a ball. It has jutting handlebars that pivot and can send the craft careening in unexpected directions.

Call AICA After an ATV Accident

After ATV accidents it is common to receive medical treatment in the Emergency Room from a local hospital. But if you’re still trying to find follow up care, you will receive whatever type of medical treatment your injuries require. We provide Atlanta chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological care as well as physical therapy and general medical attention.
Call the board certified doctors at AICA and we’ll get you back on your wheels. If you still want them.

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