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Whiplash Injury | Dec 3, 2018

Call AICA Atlanta For Whiplash Treatment

It is expected that during the course of your life, you will be involved in a minimum of three car accidents. Most likely, these will be minor fender benders. However, every year, car accidents send millions of Americans as a result of injuries, This is why our chiropractors treat so many patients that sustain soft […]

Car Accidents | Dec 5, 2018

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Minor and Major Car Accident Injuries

Whenever you are in a car accident, it can easily be more than a mere inconvenience and hiccup in your day. Life altering injuries may be sustained, even in a low speed accident. If you get up and walk away from an accident, you still may have sustained injuries that you are unaware of, which […]

Car Accidents | Dec 7, 2018

Effective and Safe Treatment For Car Accidents In Atlanta

When you are involved in an accident, you may be left stressed, in pain, and feeling a lack of control over the events around you. You may be facing some major health problems that you are hoping will resolve on their own. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. If you are injured in an […]

Car Accidents | Dec 10, 2018

Minor Car Accidents Still Require Chiropractic Treatment

There are numerous accidents that take place in our area daily. While sadly some are fatal, most result in minor hidden injuries. If you are unsure if you have sustained an injury in a car accident, it is still important to be evaluated by a medical profession to determine if you have. Even a minor […]

Whiplash Injury | Dec 12, 2018

AICA Atlanta’s Approach To Treating Whiplash Injuries

One of the most common injuries sustained from a car accident is whiplash. This can cause pain that may be short term or chronic in nature, and may contribute to headaches and other body pains. Unfortunately, most doctors cannot offer much relief from whiplash. Symptoms are most commonly treated, but the damage itself is not […]

Arthritis | Dec 14, 2018

Cold Laser Therapy Can Treat Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel

One of the fast-growing treatment methods for both arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome is cold laser therapy. These are serious conditions that can have a large impact on the quality of a person’s life. They can interfere with daily living tasks and hinder quality of life by causing mobility issues, pain, and stress. Of the […]