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Back Pain | Jan 19, 2016

6 Tips To Prevent Back Pain For Chiropractic Patients in Sandy Springs, GA

The easiest way to deal with back pain is to take precautionary steps that prevent back pain. Our Sandy Springs Chiropractors have decades worth of professional experience that allows us to make informed recommendations on what you can do to live a pain- life. Prevent Back Pain In Sandy Springs The…

Back Pain | Jan 21, 2016

How To Prevent Injuring Your Back When Dancing

People choose to dance for many reasons, including health and recreation. This activity is a fun way to become more physically active, but the moves can sometimes put dancers at risk of injury. Low Back Pain in Dancers Fortunately, by adhering to the following recommendations offered by our Atlanta Chiropractors,…

Back Pain, Health & Wellness | May 2, 2016

AICA Atlanta’s Top Five Tips For A Fantastic Summer

The Summer time is almost here again, and our Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta want to make sure that you can enjoy the clear blue skies while staying healthy. Although we typically treat musculoskeletal conditions like neck and back pain, we are still very interested in helping you feel and perform…

Back Pain | May 11, 2016

Routine Exercise For Atlanta Residents Is Critical For Back Pain Relief

One of the most natural ways you can stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself is through active exercise that is conducted under careful and controlled supervision. Patients who suffer from lower back pain might feel that they are either unable to or should not exercise due to the risk…

Back Pain | May 16, 2016

Tips For Traveling With Back Pain This Summer

The summer time is almost here, and our AICA Atlanta Chiropractors wanted to share some tips on how you can maintain your health and take care of your back pain when traveling. According to the United States of Transportation, 78 percent of Americans travel more than 70 miles between the…

Back Pain | May 23, 2016

What’s Really Behind Your Back Pain?

Those who suffer from chronic back pain know just how devastating and debilitating it can be. While nearly every adult in the United States has or will experience some back pain during their life, the cause of this pain isn’t necessarily connected to your back.

Back Pain | May 25, 2016

How To Prevent Back Pain

Approximately 80 percent of people will have an acute back pain episode at some point in their life. Once you experience an episode of back pain, it is likely to recur, usually within one year of the first onset. What a terrible thing! It’s no surprise that billions of dollars…

Back Pain, Chiropractic | Jun 9, 2016

Answering Atlanta’s Most Common Questions About Chiropractic Adjustments

What is a chiropractic adjustment? Also known as a spinal manipulation therapy (SMT), Chiropractic Adjustment is a procedure used by highly skilled doctors of Chiropractic. Chiropractors perform the adjustment with a small instrument or their hands, using a specific amount of quick force, applied in a single direction to a…

Back Pain | Jun 21, 2016

Protect Your Children From Back Pain Caused By School Backpacks

Chiropractors, pediatricians and orthopedic surgeons alike agree that backpacks are a problem for a child’s spine. While a backpack alone may not cause major problems, overloading and improper carrying of a backpack can lead to headaches, neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. According to an article published in Spine, “Of…

Back Pain | Aug 4, 2016

How Kids Can Avoid Back Pain When Heading Back To School In Atlanta

The back-to-school season is once again upon us, which means school trips, after school activities, and a few bumps or bruises are on the horizon. Although you can’t control everything that your kids are exposed to at school, you can help prevent back pain from settling in due to heavy…

Back Pain | Aug 15, 2016

The Negative Health Effects of Commuting and Computing

If you live and work throughout Atlanta, the amount of time you spend sitting down each day is creating havoc on your spine. Sitting Down and Slouching Forward If you're like most people, you probably find yourself stuck in Atlanta traffic, sitting for extended periods of time on your way to and from work,…

Back Pain, Pregnancy | Aug 16, 2016

How Chiropractic Care Can Support Pregnancy For Women Throughout Atlanta

When most people hear about Chiropractic care, they tend to think about musculoskeletal pain treatment and prevention. The fact is, Chiropractic treatment addresses a wide variety of conditions and offers some benefits to the main demographics including pregnant women. When women become pregnant, their bodies experience an enormous amount of change that…

Back Pain | Sep 7, 2016

Choose Chiropractic Care Over Surgery To Treat Chronic Back Pain

Deciding whether or not you should undergo surgery to address chronic back pain must be taken seriously. Approximately 600,000 back surgeries are performed throughout the United States each and every year, despite the fact that there is a growing group of medical researchers who are raising questions about the procedure’s…

Back Pain | Dec 8, 2016

Chiropractic Care and Back Pain Relief: 5 Myths About Back Pain

Although the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta threat more than just chronic back pain, most of the patients we treat originally come in looking for relief from this particular condition. Lower back pain affects over 31 million Americans at any given time and is the leading cause of disability throughout the…

Back Pain | Jan 6, 2017

How Cervical Care Helps Treat Chronic Back Pain

It may be difficult to imagine, but the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta treat many patients who experience lower back pain that often originates in the upper neck. How is this possible? Well, to begin, it is essential to understand how closely linked the whole body is. Sometimes the area that…

Auto Accident Injuries, Back Pain | Jan 23, 2017

The Long-Term Health Effects of Chronic Back Pain

Back pain after a car crash can be indicative of a serious injury. If you’re experiencing back pain after being involved in an accident, it is important that you visit an automobile injury Chiropractor near Atlanta as soon as possible. If left untreated, back injuries can lead to several long-term consequences.

Back Pain, Chronic Pain | Apr 27, 2017

AICA Atlanta’s Chiropractors Are The Perfect Solution For Treating Aches and Pains

Experiencing occasional aches and pains is a natural part of growing older. It's when such aches and pains occur on a daily basis that causes our Chiropractors to become concerned, as this suggests that there is some underlying condition that exists. If your pain escalates after following through with routine activities,…

Back Pain, Chriopractors, Conditions, Lower Back Pain, Uncategorized | Jun 19, 2017

When It’s Time To Visit An Atlanta Back Pain Chiropractor

Most cases of back pain are temporary and dissipate with basic solutions like rest and generic over-the-counter pain medications. However, for patients who are not able to address their back pain with these remedies, it may be time to visit one of our Atlanta Chiropractors.

Accident Recovery, Back Pain, Car Accidents | Jun 22, 2017

How An Atlanta Chiropractor Can Treat Back Pain Caused By A Car Accident

Back injuries are one of the most common conditions sustained as a result of a car accident. Depending on the extent of your injury, you may need immediate Chiropractic Treatment to avoid further complications or other chronic conditions from developing.

Back Pain, Work Related Injuries | Jun 27, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Construction Workers Hurt On The Job

The type of physical stress that construction workers are exposed to on a consistent basis makes them vulnerable to chronic conditions like back pain. Back pain is the most common condition our Atlanta Chiropractors treat and a significant portion of our patients comprise of manual laborers or construction crews. According…

Back Pain, Chriopractors, Lower Back Pain | Jul 11, 2017

How Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment Provides Permanent Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is one of the most common chronic conditions American experience and still continues to spread as adults take on more professions that require sitting for hours at a time. In fact, over 50 percent of adults throughout the United States who suffer from lower back pain spend…

Accident Prevention, Back Pain, Chriopractors, General Chiropractic | Jul 13, 2017

Chiropractic Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Spine

Back pain affects thousands of people throughout the greater Atlanta region, causing a variety of complications that ultimately diminish or impair quality of life. Being unable to follow through with your favorite activities or professional obligations can cause other emotional, behavioral, and physical complications, which is why it's important to…

Back Pain, Chriopractors, Lower Back Pain | Jul 18, 2017

Common Myths About Chronic Back Pain

Back pain affects each person at some point in their life. As the most common condition treated by our Atlanta Chiropractors, there are a few myths that surround chronic back pain and are often presented by new patients. Check out the following helpful facts associated with chronic back pain and…

Back Pain | Aug 14, 2017

Chiropractic Care: Non-Invasive Treatment For Chronic Back Pain

Chiropractic care is the leading alternative form of treatment for people experiencing chronic back pain. In fact, of the than 30 million Americans who visit a Chiropractor each year, close to 11 million are looking for back pain solutions that do not involve invasive procedures. At AICA Atlanta, Chiropractic Treatment…

Back Pain, Conditions, scoliosis | Aug 16, 2017

Treating Scoliosis With Chiropractic Care In Atlanta

One of the most common back conditions treated at AICA Atlanta is scoliosis. Although children are the primary demographic who experience scoliosis, adults are susceptible to this condition, as well. Learn more about scoliosis and how our Atlanta Chiropractors can provide treatment by contacting us today.

Back Pain | Sep 1, 2017

Chiropractic Tips For Back-To-School: Prevent Back Pain From Backpacks

It's the back-to-school season, and our Atlanta Chiropractors are offering tips on how you can help your children avoid back pain associated with heavy backpacks. It's the goal of AICA Atlanta to educate parents on the importance of choosing the right backpack that supports the health and safety of your…

Back Pain | Sep 11, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Upper Back Pain

If you experience recurring neck pain, it may be caused by tension that exists in the upper shoulders. When you carry tension in your upper back area, it has the potential to negatively affect your blood flow, especially to your head and neck. If left untreated, tension can lead to…

Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Lower Back Pain | Sep 13, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Thoracic Disc Herniation

Spinal disks are fragile, soft pads located between the vertebrae of the spinal column. Each disc is a flat, round capsule that is about an inch in circumference and one-quarter inch thick. The outer membrane of each disc is made up of tough, elastic cores and the two primary functions…

Accident Prevention, Back Pain | Dec 6, 2017

Avoid Back Injuries During This Winter Holiday Season

The staff at AICA Atlanta tend to treat an unusual amount of back injuries during the winter holiday season. Car accidents, falling on slippery surfaces or off of ladders, and carrying bulky luggage are all responsible for hundreds of people throughout the region seeking Chiropractic Treatment instead of enjoying the…

Back Pain | Jan 8, 2018

When Is Back Pain Serious?

It’s something that keeps you up at nighttime, makes simple activities tough, and slows down your life. As you’re going through times of great back pain, you might feel like you’re isolated. This is far from the truth — you’re one of a large majority, according to the Chicago Tribune,…

Back Pain | Jan 10, 2018

Diminish Your Risks of Back Pain From Common Sources

Extreme back pain is no laughing matter. It not only aches, but it can also significantly affect your quality of life by not allowing you to do all of the fun events happening around you. You can tackle many of the common causes of back discomfort by following the suggestions…

Accident Recovery, Back Pain | Jan 24, 2018

Seek Chiropractic Treatment After A Back Injury

Back pain is the leading cause of disability throughout the United States and can make basic tasks such as sleeping or moving unbearable. For those who sustain a back injury or suffer from chronic back pain, Chiropractic Treatment serves as an all-natural alternative solution that is safe for people of…

Back Pain | Feb 5, 2018

Back Pain Relief

The spine consists of 24 unique bones that helps support your body’s form, ability to function, and protects the spinal cord. When the spine is damaged in an accident or loses its integrity with age, chronic back pain is often the result. Depending on the extent of your pain, you…

Back Pain | Feb 14, 2018

Your Feet May Be Responsible For Your Back Pain

Anyone who has experienced back pain knows how much of a deterrent it can be when it comes to fulfilling personal or professional obligations Since more than 80 percent of the United States experiences back pain at some point in their life, it's essential to understand common sources or triggers.…

Back Pain | May 18, 2018

How Poor Posture Affects Your Mood

As more people continue to take on professional positions that require them to sit for long periods each day, the importance of paying attention to personal posture also continues to increase. If you’ve never put much thought toward your posture while sitting down or standing in place, you may want…

Back Pain | Jun 20, 2018

Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is proven to help address and relieve symptoms connected to spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis refers to the narrowing of the spinal canal. When this occurs, tremendous pressure is applied to the spinal nerves, which creates minor to significant back and neck pain. If you are diagnoses with spinal…

Back Pain | Aug 1, 2018

Checking Your Children For Scoliosis Before The School Year Begins

Scoliosis refers to an unusual curve shape that exists within the spine. If left untreated, it can worsen over time causing back pain and arthritis. As our staff thinks about the upcoming school year, it’s important to consider the health of your children’s spine so that they can grow healthy…

Back Pain | Aug 8, 2018

Quick Tips For Immediate Back Pain Relief

Although there are a select few that sit on balance balls, use standing desks or even treadmill desks at work, most of us sit over computers, slouched at our desks all day. With our heads down and shoulders hunched, it is important to find easy ways to care for our…

Back Pain | Oct 5, 2018

Common Pain Treated With Chiropractic

Do you spend your days in a strenuous job lifting heavy objects? Did you recently help a friend move? Doing a lot of home improvement projects without much help? Regardless of what the source of physical strain is on your body, the outcome is the same: lower back pain.

Back Pain | Nov 9, 2018

Stay Hydrated To Maintain Excellent Health and Avoid Back Pain

We all have heard numerous tips on how to stay healthy. The most frequently heard one would have to be to drink more water. Our bodies are made up of more than 50 percent water, so you can imagine that if you do not properly hydrate the effect it will…

Back Pain, scoliosis | Nov 28, 2018

Scoliosis Patients Can Find Relief With Chiropractic Treatment

Of all the back conditions, scoliosis is one of the most common that can cause many mobility issues and discomfort. There are an estimated five to seven million people in the United States alone that suffer from this condition. Our Atlanta chiropractors are prepared to provide care and relief to…

Back Pain, Sciatica | Feb 27, 2019

AICA Atlanta’s Recommended Techniques For Reducing Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve pain occurs when there is compression on the nerve but when you implement exercise and proper stretching into your daily routine, you can alleviate some of that discomfort. Knowing what stretches are best for you may be challenging so contacting a professional such as an Atlanta chiropractor can…

Back Pain, Health and Wellness | Mar 11, 2019

Get Up and Exercise: How Office Employees Can Improve Personal Health

Many Americans spend most of their day at work sitting in a chair and this posture is having adverse effects on the body. Sitting for long periods of time can cause pain in your back and placing pressure on muscles and the discs in your back.

Back Pain | Mar 20, 2019

Approach To Treating Spinal and Lumbar Stenosis

As many of us grow older, grey hair and wrinkles aren’t the only thing we look forward to. Degenerative changes can begin to occur to the spine. The aging process is not always to blame to though, more so the overall neglect over many years.

Back Pain | May 24, 2019

Celebrate Correct Posture Month with AICA Atlanta

Having the correct posture means more than just looking a certain way, it’s taking control of your spine health and acknowledging that its the central support for your whole body. With this month being correct posture month at AICA Atlanta, caring for your spine has never been more important.

Back Pain | Jun 10, 2019

Stand Up For Postures Sake

Get up! Chances are you are sitting down right now, or you were sitting down on your way to work, or at work, or when you got home from work. That’s a lot of sitting. While relaxing may important for your overall health, which does not mean sitting while doing…

Back Pain | Jun 19, 2019

The Impact of Obesity on the Spine

It’s no secret obesity plays a huge factor into one’s health in a negative way but what some may not know is how greatly obesity can affect the spine. With obesity comes complications that can escalate if not managed properly.

Back Pain | Jul 3, 2019

Aching Back No More!

You hear it all the time, people complaining that their back hurts. This affliction in the back is one of the most common and leads to discomfort and can even prevent those from performing their daily tasks.

Back Pain | Jul 26, 2019

Use These Back-Saving Posture Techniques At Work

Believe it or not, stagnation is just as hazardous for your health as smoking. Nearly 80 percent of all Americans sit down throughout their work day. Whether in front of a computer or in a meeting, sitting for prolonged periods can have devastating effects on your health. Remaining inactive can…

Back Pain | Aug 1, 2019

Surviving Office Life

Each job regardless of the nature of the profession can have some form of health risks. When people think of work-related injuries,  manual labor jobs such as construction or other physically demanding jobs tend to come to mind. However, what some may not think of are the risks imposed on…

Back Pain | Aug 12, 2019

Back Injury Prevention: What You Should Know and Do

“Oh, my back”! We’ve all either heard it or had the unpleasant experience of suffering a back injury. Nearly 80 percent of all Americans will experience back pain at some point in our lives so what can you do to lower your risk? Protect your back by following our everyday…

Back Pain | Aug 16, 2019

Correcting Posture With Chiropractic Care

When the body is practicing good posture the body is in a neutral spine state which reduces the chance of pain and injury. However, when poor posture occurs, the body is at risk for much more than just back pain. Why Posture Is Important When standing tall you appear to…

Keeping The Weight Off Our Children’s Shoulders | AICA Atlanta

Back Pain | Sep 2, 2019

Keeping The Weight Off Of Our Children’s Backs

As children gear up to go back to school, choosing the right backpack can set them up for success in more ways than one. Children grow at an astounding rate and muscle and backaches can occur if not cared for properly. Putting too much on our children's backs can lead…

Back Pain | Sep 6, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Bulging Discs

Back pain is a common ailment for adults, as many causes are to blame for such pain, bulging discs play a huge role in why many faces such pain in their back. Some refer to discs as "slipped" however a disc cannot slip but rather it bulges which is ultimately…

Back Pain | Sep 20, 2019

Seek Permanent Treatment For Lower Back Pain

Most people at some point in their life will experience some type of back pain severe enough to need medical treatment. Even though back pain is common, doctors are still unable in some cases to pinpoint exactly why it occurs. The baseline treatment for back pain is rest, exercise, stretching,…

Natural Treatment Options For Spondylosis | AICA Atlanta

Back Pain | Jan 13, 2020

Natural Treatment Options For Spondylosis

If your body endures many aches and pains in the back and neck, this could be a result of years of wear and tear on the body leading to a condition called spondylosis. Pain medication will undoubtedly mask the pain for some time, however, it will not correct the underlying…

AICA Atlanta Provides Natural Treatment Solutions For Scoliosis | AICA Atlanta

Back Pain, scoliosis | Feb 7, 2020

AICA Atlanta Provides Natural Treatment Solutions For Scoliosis

You get that phone from the school nurse saying in a routine exam, your child showed signs of scoliosis, what now? Around 80 percent of all scoliosis cases are idiopathic, which means that the cause of the sideways curvature is unknown. Some of these idiopathic diagnoses may be a result…

Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain - Let Us Help | AICA Atlanta

Back Pain, Chiropractic, General Chiropractic Education, Health & Wellness | Feb 12, 2020

Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain? Let Us Help!

Does a natural, non-invasive holistic approach to your pain sound like something you would like to know more about? Chiropractic care is just that!

How Improving Your Range of Motion Can Boost Personal Health | AICA Atlanta

Back Pain, General Chiropractic Education, Health & Wellness | Feb 17, 2020

How Improving Your Range of Motion Can Boost Personal Health

The range of motion is a critical aspect for the body to perform several tasks. When the range of motion is limited, simple functions like bending can prove to be complicated. The ease of flexibility can diminish over time due to poor lifestyle choices, injuries, and the inevitable aging process.…

Treating Sciatic Nerve Pain with Spinal Adjustments | AICA Atlanta

Back Pain, Sciatica | Mar 2, 2020

Treating Sciatic Nerve Pain with Spinal Adjustments

Understanding your pain and why it occurs can ultimately lead you to faster recovery. The sciatic nerve is located in the spine, runs into the lower back, and is responsible for causing lower back pain for many Americans.

Boosting Your Core For A Better Weekend | AICA Atlanta

Back Pain, Health & Wellness, Injuries | Mar 9, 2020

Boosting Your Core For A Better Weekend

What do you do most of the day? Are you active or sedentary? If you find yourself sitting more than four to five hours a day, you may be putting your body at risk for injury. As summer approaches, we engage in more physical activities. If our bodies are accustomed…

How To Take An Active Role In Preventing Chronic Back Pain | AICA Atlanta

Accident Prevention, Back Pain | Mar 23, 2020

How To Take An Active Role In Preventing Chronic Back Pain

Nearly 80 percent of Americans experience back pain at some point in their life. Back pain can cause you to miss out on work, hinder your ability to engage in physical exercise, and disrupt sleep.

Learn How To Treat Herniated Discs Naturally | AICA Atlanta

Back Pain, Herniated Disc | Mar 25, 2020

Learn How To Treat Herniated Discs Naturally

A herniated disc is a condition commonly treated by chiropractors. This injury often responds well to chiropractic treatment, and to avoid medications and their side effects, it is recommended that you make an appointment sooner rather than later at our Atlanta chiropractic clinic to prevent the need for those medications.

Can A Chiropractor Treat Back Pain? | AICA Atlanta

Accident Prevention, Back Pain | Mar 27, 2020

Can A Chiropractor Treat Back Pain?

With some back injuries, a fall or an accident can be the direct cause; however, most back injuries are due to a person's actions. So, how can you become more cautious and avoid these painful injuries? Our Atlanta chiropractors have compiled some essential preventative measures to ensure your safety and…

How Is Back Pain Delayed After A Car Accident

Back Pain, Car Accidents | Oct 23, 2020

How Is Back Pain Delayed After A Car Accident?

During a car accident, most of the damage can happen in a split second, when one vehicle makes an impact with another. It’s that moment that causes your body to jerk around, hit hard surfaces, or be impacted by any broken vehicle parts. But despite this, it is not uncommon…

Will Lower Back Pain Go Away On Its Own

Back Pain | Dec 22, 2020

Will Lower Back Pain Go Away On Its Own?

It is tempting to tough out back pain and hope it will simply go away on its own. We live busy lives and the last thing you want to worry about is back pain after a car accident. However, car accident injuries are complex and when insurance and claims lawyers…

Working from Home and Experiencing Back Pain Chiropractic Can Help!

Back Pain, Chiropractic | Mar 1, 2021

Working from Home and Experiencing Back Pain? Chiropractic Can Help!

For many people, working from home is now their normal way of doing business. While there are a lot of perks to this new landscape of remote work, you may also be noticing some impacts on your body now that you are working out of a home office every day.…

Treating Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident

Back Pain, Car Accidents | May 11, 2021

Treating Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident

Many people walk away from car accidents with cuts and scrapes, or even broken bones. But approximately 30% of all car accident injuries seen by emergency doctors are related to the back and the spine. Even small collisions and fender benders can result in back pain that becomes a chronic…


Back Pain | Jul 1, 2021

Best Pool Exercises to Reduce Back Pain

Back pain can occur for a number of reasons, including a sudden injury, poor posture, or due to wear and tear on the body. If you struggle with back pain, you might find that some exercises end up causing you more pain or are too uncomfortable to do at all.…

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