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Category Archives: Neck Pain

Neck Pain | Nov 17, 2015

Causes of Neck and Upper Back Pain for Chiropractic Patients in Atlanta

For people who suffer from neck pain, the source of the problem is often related to tension within their upper shoulders. Your body can function properly because it is set up as an interconnected network of physiological processes, which is to say that each area of your body affects how…

Neck Pain | Jun 22, 2016

Don’t Become A Statistic When It Comes To Neck Pain In Atlanta

One of the most prevalent conditions chiropractors encounter and treat is neck pain. According to a National Institute of Health Statistics (NIHS) national survey, neck pain is the second most common type of pain in the United States (following back pain and on par with headaches and migraines). An estimated…

Chiropractic, Neck Pain | Jun 24, 2016

Don’t Wake Up Sore and Stiff Anymore!

After a long summer day in Atlanta, the last thing on your mind as you crawl into bed for a goodnight’s sleep is the position your head, neck, and back take when lying down. However, for those who find themselves waking up sore on a regular basis, you might want…

Chiropractic, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain | Jul 18, 2016

How Atlanta’s Chiropractic Patients Can Benefit From Trigger Point Therapy

Atlanta Trigger Point Therapy serves as an excellent alternative solution for those who suffer from chronic pain derived from subluxations and muscle damage. What Are Trigger Points? For those who are not familiar with the term, trigger points are particular spots within your muscle fibers that have become damaged or overstrained and…

Neck Pain | Jul 21, 2016

Treating “Text Neck” With Chiropractic Care

In today’s world, just about every person either has a cell phone, tablet device, or gaming system; if not all of three. These devices have become ingrained in our daily routines because of our social and professional obligations, as well as for personal convenience. Because of this, maintaining appropriate posture…

Auto Accident Injuries, Neck Pain, Uncategorized | Jun 20, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Chronic Neck Pain and Car Accident Injuries

Low-impact car accidents do not always produce visible symptoms, at least initially. Depending on the circumstances, you may not notice any soreness, stiffness, or recurring neck pain until several weeks or a few months have passed. Because of this, it is imperative to seek Chiropractic Treatment as soon as possible…

Chriopractors, Neck Pain | Jul 27, 2017

Chronic Neck Pain May Indicate Other Underlying Conditions

For people who suffer from chronic neck pain, our Atlanta Chiropractors can provide relief through a variety of techniques and treatment solutions. But, what happens when neck pain becomes a symptom of another condition? How do you know when something more serious may exist? In most cases, neck pain derives…

General Chiropractic, Neck Pain | Aug 23, 2017

The Health Effects of Text Neck and Chiropractic Treatment

Just about everyone, including children, own a smartphone device and have one with them everywhere they go. Although this phenomenon among personal communication channels allows us to access services from anywhere, it also causes people to remain hunched over for hours throughout each day. "Text neck" refers to conditions and…

Neck Pain | Feb 2, 2018

Neck Pain Relief

There are a variety of environmental and natural triggers that cause chronic neck pain. From car accidents to occupations that require you to sit for long periods each day, neck pain can occur at any moment. Still, there are plenty of viable solutions that exist and Chiropractic has the ability…

Neck Pain | Feb 23, 2018

How To Treat Neck Pain

Many people throughout the greater Atlanta region experience some kind of aches or pain each day that they try to ignore. Pain is a signal that suggests something is not quite right within your system. Although there are many different types of pain, neck pain in particular can create a…

Neck Pain | Apr 6, 2018

Causes of Chronic Neck Pain and Treatment

All people, regardless of age or demographics, are vulnerable to neck pain. Neck pain can be caused by stress that gradually develops over time or from a sudden accident injury. Neck pain typically goes away within a few days or weeks, however, if the pain continues, it could be a…

Neck Pain | Aug 15, 2018

What’s Causing Your Neck Pain? It May Be You!

If you’re experiencing recurring neck or shoulder pain, your Atlanta chiropractors are here to help you regain proper head posture. Do you feel wiped out at the end of the day? Does your neck have a constant ache along with frequent headaches and possibly even fibromyalgia? Did you know that…

Neck Pain | Feb 13, 2019

Cracking Your Neck Does Not Cause Arthritis; Here’s Why

When you find yourself with tension in your neck, you may try to twist it to alleviate the discomfort. Doing this may produce a cracking sound that comes off as alarming or concerning. Some may say that by doing that to your neck you could be causing your neck to…

Neck Pain | Mar 15, 2019

Achieve Relief From Headaches and Neck Pain With Chiropractic Treatment

Are you someone who suffers from headaches? Are those headaches accompanied with neck pain? Medication may be an effective tool for some but our Atlanta chiropractors have compiled a list to help you through headaches and neck pain.

Neck Pain | Jul 29, 2019

Modern Day Technology May Be A Pain In The Neck

Advances in technology have set us ahead and made some tasks much simpler. However, some of these modern-day advances are bringing about new-age health concerns. ‘Text neck,' is one of the fastest developing health concerns that occurs when chronic stress exists around the neck area. As more Americans continue to…


Car Accidents, Neck Pain | Aug 3, 2021

Why Is My Neck Popping after a Car Accident?

You know the sound of “popping” or “cracking” your neck and back, but do you actually know what that really is? Many people tend to “pop” or “crack” their neck and back now and again when something feels out of place or uncomfortable. However, there are actually situations where popping…


Neck Pain | Oct 11, 2021

Why Does My Neck Crack When I Roll It?

When you feel a bit stiff or sore, many people’s instinct is to roll their neck. This stretching can feel great and relieve minor pain, but it may sometimes cause odd sounds. Similar to cracking your knuckles, you may hear a “popping” noise as a result of rolling your neck.…

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