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Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident in Atlanta?  Serious motorcycle accident injuries occur in various ways:

Often motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the motorcycle driver, but still leave medical impacts to the driver.  But the question is: What do I do if I have sustained motorcycle accident injuries?

AICA’s motorcycle injury doctors and chiropractors specialize in treating victims of motorcycle accidents in Atlanta, Georgia.

What Can I Do?

The first action for anyone who has been involved in a motorcycle accident is to call the doctor.

At AICA Atlanta’s Injury Center, our board-certified doctors can quickly diagnose your injuries, treat your pain, prescribe the proper medication and walk you down the path to full recovery.

With many certified doctors on staff, we offer same-week scheduling, consultation and x-ray as well as transportation if necessary.

If your desire is to recover from your injuries and get back on the road, then call the doctors at AICA right away.  We specialize in solutions like chiropractic care, physical therapy and treatment for severe injuries like:

At AICA, we work to make sure that these conditions are taken care of as soon as possible.  If left alone, your injuries can become worse or develop infection.  We provide treatment for cuts, scrapes and bruises from road rash so your wounds can heal without bacterial contamination.

We clean up the wounds using stitches and staples to aid in healing process, as well as remove embedded debris and glass from the wounded area.

AICA also takes care of broken and dislocated bones so they can start healing and rejuvenating the area so you can get back on your feet.

Motorcycle injuries go beyond obvious problems like lacerations and broken bones.

Some injuries affect your muscular, nervous and skeletal makeup, even if you don’t initially feel any pain or symptoms.  Some injuries crop up weeks or even months after the collision and can begin to affect daily activities.

Make sure you don’t delay your accident evaluation as many of these problems are detected before they even fully develop, preventing the pain before it happens.  Our chiropractors are trained to find the risk factors and beginning stages of subluxation and bone alignment problems.

Spinal problems are the root of many other health issues that can cause significant pain.  Our doctors make sure your spine is in order so your health will also be in order.

AICA Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Clinic offers chiropractic care services with a special focus on:

What Treatments Does AICA Offer?

We offer many treatments for each different injury that you may have sustained during your motorcycle accident.  We believe in solutions that naturally heal your body rather than using invasive surgical methods.
Motorcycle Accident Injuries | Treating Accident Vicitims | AICA Atlanta
Here are a few of our motorcycle injury treatments:


We provide chiropractic care for underlying aches and pains, as well as thorough care for wounds to cater to a holistic view of healing.  At AICA, we are a one-stop shop as we can hit every level of injury in order to quickly begin your recovery.

AICA motorcycle injury specialists are willing to treat your motorcycle injuries until you are fully recovered and have received your best possible settlement, so call now!

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