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Why Physical Therapy May Be the Solution for Your Accident Injuries
Apr 27, 2018

If you’ve recently experienced a car accident, it is likely that you have sustained some type of injury or physical trauma. Depending on the extent of the accident, you may only have a few minor cuts or bruises. More severe injuries like fractured bones or herniated discs produce noticeable symptoms and require immediate medical attention.

Still, other types of injuries can exist without being detected. For accident victims who sustain musculoskeletal damage, physical therapy may be the solution that works best for you.

Health Benefits of Physical Therapy

Some of the proven health benefits associated with physical therapy include:

  • Pain relief – the licensed therapists at AICA Atlanta can help relieve muscle tension and address inflammation using hands-on techniques or particular exercises that are appropriate for your needs.
  • Reduce or avoid the need for medication – Physical therapy uses natural treatment solutions to address pain and help restore flexibility, which prevents you from being exposed to various adverse side effects and dependencies associated with prescription medications.
  • Experience a faster, safer recovery – Physical therapy helps promote the recovery process by restoring function and flexibility to your system. Your therapist will focus on safely improving your strength and range of motion.
  • Avoid chronic conditions – Depending on the extent of your accident and condition, injury symptoms have the potential to worsen over time and develop into chronic conditions. Accident victims who do not receive physical therapy are vulnerable to chronic pain, along with various degenerative conditions that can suddenly appear. Physical therapy helps address the source of one’s pain and strengthens your system so that it is not vulnerable to potential relapses that occur with age.

Contact AICA Atlanta to Learn More about the Benefits of Physical Therapy

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