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Auto Accident Injuries | Oct 2, 2017

Find An Atlanta Car Accident Doctor On Lien After An Auto Collision

Medical liens associated with personal injury cases in Georgia can negatively affect the final resolution and settlement distribution related to auto collisions. Based on the type of lien that’s applied, among other variables, the accident victim may have their settlement lowered or be responsible for covering the costs of specific medical services if liens are […]

Auto Accident Injuries | Oct 4, 2017

The Importance of Documenting Car Accident Injuries

The most common injury among car accident victims in Atlanta is Whiplash. The force and impact associated with car accidents, even within low-speed collisions, can easily cause the ligaments around your neck to stretch beyond their limits and tear. Tissue damage, pinched nerves, muscle tearing, spasms, and misalignments are all associated with Whiplash Injury.

Auto Accident Injuries, Whiplash Injury | Oct 6, 2017

Atlanta Car Accident Doctors Treat Whiplash After Auto Collisions

Whiplash is the most common injury among car accident victims due to the force involved, which causes the ligaments that surround their neck to stretch beyond their limits. This particular accident injury refers to damage to the bone structures and soft tissues that exist in this area. Although Whiplash is not life-threatening, it can cause […]

Auto Accident Injuries | Oct 9, 2017

Visit An Atlanta Car Accident Doctor After A Car Accident

Whenever you are involved in a car accident in Atlanta, the smartest thing you can do for your short and long-term health is to see a Chiropractor for a complete examination. Many accident injuries do not produce immediate symptoms because of the rush of hormones that your body releases to mask pain, delayed onsite muscle […]

Auto Accident Injuries | Oct 11, 2017

The Long-Term Health Consequences For Not Treating Car Accident Injuries

Over the last several decades, automobiles have gotten faster, while the reaction time of most drivers has diminished with the emergence of technology and smartphone devices. This combination is partly responsible for the 340,000 car accidents that take place in Georgia each year. If you are involved in a car accident in Atlanta, the best […]

Auto Accident Injuries | Oct 13, 2017

Car Accident In Atlanta? Get A Chiropractic Examination Right Away!

When a car accident takes place, it’s natural to think about calling the police and contacting your insurance company right away. Unfortunately, too many car accident victims do not contact our Atlanta Chiropractors after a collision takes place. Receiving an immediate Chiropractic Examination after a car crash is just as crucial as contacting the police […]

Auto Accident Injuries | Oct 16, 2017

Why Chiropractic Treatment Is Necessary Immediately After A Car Crash In Atlanta

After a car crash, seeking Chiropractic Treatment as soon as possible is necessary for protecting your long-term health and maintaining the quality of life you’re accustomed to. Having experienced Atlanta Car Accident Chiropractors evaluate your condition immediately after an auto accident allows you to rule out potential injuries, receive an appropriate treatment plan, and kick-start […]

Auto Accident Injuries | Oct 18, 2017

Why Car Accident Chiropractic Treatment Is Necessary Even When Your Car Isn’t Damaged

Most people who experience a car accident that doesn’t damage their vehicle do not seek Chiropractic Treatment believing that their health is intact. Although today’s vehicles¬†are subjected to higher standards of safety and thus, are built with technology and materials that allow them to absorb light impact, it does not mean that you are completely […]

Auto Accident Injuries | Oct 20, 2017

How AICA Atlanta’s Chiropractors Can Help Support A Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury claims are the result of negligent behavior that causes others physical and emotional damage. From car accidents and slip and fall incidents to injuries that occur at work, personal injury claims are meant to help victims collect compensation that covers the costs of treatment, repairs, and missed wages.

Auto Accident Injuries | Oct 23, 2017

Visiting A Car Accident Chiropractor After A Collision Is A Must

Over 340,000 car accidents take place throughout Georgia each year, causing thousands of injuries as a result. Although it may seem natural to visit your primary physician for treatment, the reality is that Chiropractors are the most appropriate resource for addressing accident injuries. Not only do the Atlanta Car Accident Chiropractors at AICA specialize in […]

Auto Accident Injuries | Oct 25, 2017

Get Into A Light Fender Bender? Call AICA Atlanta!

More than 50 percent of all Whiplash Injuries occur as a result of a low-speed car accident or those where the vehicle(s) was traveling less than 15 miles per hour (mph). Although it may seem logical to avoid medical treatment if your vehicle is not damaged, low-speed accidents can still cause tissue damage and other […]

Shoulder Pain | Oct 27, 2017

Don’t Ignore Shoulder Pain, Seek Chiropractic Treatment

Your shoulders are the most flexible joints in your entire body, which is why should pain is so common among Atlanta’s residents. There are a variety of reasons why you may be experiencing shoulder pain. When the nerve root in the spine becomes irritated, pain can transfer from the neck to the shoulders, arms, or […]