Physical Therapy

Physical therapy at AICA Atlanta fits into three categories: medical physical therapy, pre-surgical physical therapy, and post-surgical physical therapy. We use medical physical therapy to strengthen your body and improve range of motion after your car accident. Our physical therapists work hand in hand with our chiropractic team to ensure a full recovery.

Pre-surgical physical therapy at AICA Atlanta is designed to keep you from needing surgery after your car accident. We help you strengthen your body to support joints as they heal. We carefully monitor you throughout your treatment to make sure your recovery stays on track. If you do need surgery, your recovery process is in good hands with our post-surgical physical therapy team. We use physical therapy to aid the healing of injured areas following surgery. Our physical therapists consult with the surgeon to ensure your treatment plan is customized to your needs.

Physical Therapy Options

We have a couple of different options for physical therapy at AICA Atlanta. Here are the three common types of physical therapy that we offer.

Medical PT

This is the most general type of physical therapy that applies to most individuals needing PT services. If you don’t need surgery, didn’t have surgery recently, and are trying to avoid surgery, medical PT is the type of treatment for you.

Pre-Surgical PT

If you’re preparing for surgery or are trying everything in your power to avoid surgery, pre-surgical PT is what you need. This can help in your pre-emptive preparation before surgery to increase joint mobility and muscle strength, and it will encourage cell growth to help speed up your healing after surgery.

Post-Surgical PT

Once you’ve had surgery to repair a broken bone or an injured muscle, ligament, or tendon, you need post-surgical PT to regain strength, range of motion, and health in your previously injured area. Post-surgical physical therapy will improve circulation and help your body heal faster, while also increasing your mobility and minimizing your pain.