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AICA Atlanta’s services are unique because of our complete medical integration.All of our services work to together to give you comprehensive care. Our approach to comprehensive care starts with essential diagnostics that assess your condition after a car accident and provides a baseline for treatment. Our chiropractors works seamlessly with our orthopedic and spine specialists to ensure you receive all-inclusive care.

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AICA Atlanta’s integrated treatment is built on collaboration between our chiropractic services. Our chiropractic team treats your skeletal system and helps to get its vital connections functioning smoothly again after a car accident. Our chiropractic treatment covers everything from noninvasive solutions to surgery. If further treatment is needed to help you recover fully from your injuries, we will work with the best neurosurgeons in Atlanta to continue the healing process.


Our chiropractors are another critical part of your recovery. Chiropractic care effectively treats accident related injuries and relieves pain by adjusting the bones of the skeletal structure. This alleviates pressure on nerves and blood vessels.

AICA Atlanta’s chiropractic services include physiotherapy, spinal decompression and cold laser therapy.Physiotherapy is an integral part of chiropractic treatment that helps to relieve pain through ice, heat, electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound.Spinal decompression alleviates pressure on the spine.

This allows chiropractors to treat painful conditions such as bulging or herniated discs, sciatica and spinal joint damage resulting from car accidents. Our spinal specialists implement these treatments through motorized traction.We use cold lasers to help patients eliminate pain from a variety of injuries. Lasers are a catalyst to speed healing to injured tissue in the body.


Physical therapy at AICA Atlanta fits into three categories: medical physical therapy, pre-surgical physical therapy and post-surgical physical therapy.We use medical physical therapy to strengthen your body and improve range of motion after your car accident. Our physical therapists work hand in hand with our chiropractic team to ensure a full recovery.

Pre-surgical physical therapy at AICA Atlanta is designed to keep you from needing surgery after your car accident. We help you strengthen your body to support joints as they heal. We carefully monitor you throughout your treatment to make sure your recovery stays on track.If you do need surgery, your recovery process is in good hands with our post-surgical physical therapy team. We use physical therapy to aid the healing of injured areas following surgery. Our physical therapists consult with the surgeon to ensure your treatment plan is customized to your needs.


AICA Atlanta has state of the art imaging and diagnostic equipment that gives chiropractors insight into the extent of your injuries and and helps them arrive at the best treatment plan for you.To get a correct diagnosis from the start we use X-rays. First, we look for injuries that require urgent attention and then move on to checking the delicate mechanics of the body so that we can put you on the path to recovery.

We use MRIs to obtain a complete three dimensional view of soft tissue, ligament, tendon and spinal cord injuries. This technologically advanced tool allows us to go deeper than an initial x-ray.CT scans are valuable for fine-tuning the diagnostic process. We use a CT scan after initial x-rays and MRIs to confirm suspected hairline fractures and other bone injuries.

A CT scan takes multiple x-rays to create a three dimensional view of an affected area. Fluoroscopy allows us to see a continuous X-ray of the body. This real-time imaging verifies proper positioning of bones during in office procedures. We take this to the next level by observing your body in motion to ensure proper functioning of joints.

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