Chiropractor ClinicWelcome to AICA Orthopedics, located in Atlanta, Ga. We proudly offer a wide variety of health care services, including chiropractic care, orthopedic treatment, physical therapy, and more. Visit AICA Orthopedics chiropractor clinic in Atlanta for quality, comprehensive treatment and care. Our team of chiropractors works alongside a team of physicians who strive to provide you with the best care in town. Chiropractic care provides an all-natural approach to managing pain, treating injuries, and improving your overall health and wellbeing. No matter what brings you to our chiropractor walk-in clinic, our team at AICA Orthopedics is here to serve you. Millions of people go to the doctor each year for some type of pain, and you can experience lasting results when you get treatment from a chiropractor clinic.

Chiropractors: More Than Just a Spine Doctor

When many people picture a chiropractor, they think of someone who works with the spine. While it is certainly true that chiropractors have a unique set of knowledge and skills in working with back pain, neck pain, and spine issues, chiropractors can also treat health conditions and injuries that impact the entire musculoskeletal system. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help improve healthy functioning in your spine and joints, which can lead to positive impacts on your whole body. From pain relief to increased relaxation, chiropractors know how to use natural approaches to address your symptoms and their root causes so you can get back to your regular routines and activities.

If you are dealing with chronic pain, you might be tempted to reach for the pain medication. However, most times, painkillers end up only temporarily masking your pain and other symptoms and cannot address the root cause. When you work with a chiropractor, you can skip the drugs and get straight to a healing process with long-term results. In addition to working with your spine, chiropractors help with muscle aches, knots, and strains that may be causing you pain. A chiropractor can also help with a pinched nerve that may be causing stabbing pains, tingling, and numbness. You do not have to live with pain every day: visit a chiropractor clinic to learn about your options for all-natural pain relief that lasts.

Common Reasons for Going to the ChiropractorCommon Reasons for Going to the Chiropractor

You might be surprised to learn all the amazing ways a chiropractor can help you. Here are just five examples of common reasons people visit their local Atlanta chiropractor clinic each year.

Back Pain

Chiropractors can help relieve both short-term and chronic back pain. Going to the chiropractor can be a great alternative to more invasive treatment options like injections or surgery. Chiropractic care does not involve taking medications, so you do not have to worry about powerful pain medications. Instead, chiropractors use safe and gentle chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy, stretches, exercise, and other techniques to relieve your back pain. You can experience back pain for any number of reasons, including poor posture, a recent injury, or due to a chronic health condition. A chiropractor will get to the root of your pain and provide you with natural solutions that bring about pain relief.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is another common reason why people visit chiropractors. More and more people experience chronic neck pain, especially people who work desk jobs and sit for long hours at a time. When you visit a chiropractic clinic for neck pain, your chiropractor may recommend chiropractic adjustments to help restore healthy posture and proper alignment in your neck. Neck pain can also be caused by tense, stiff, or weakened neck muscles. When these neck muscles are unable to properly support your head and spine, you can develop chronic pain. A chiropractor will address your spine and its supportive structures so you can experience improved neck pain.

Joint Pain

Chiropractors can also use techniques to resolve misalignments in other joints, not just the vertebrae in your spine. Chiropractic adjustments can help restore proper alignment and healthy functioning to your shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. Whether you are dealing with pain from carpal tunnel syndrome or recovering from knee surgery, a chiropractor can help. In order for a joint to function properly, all the surrounding tissues must provide proper support. Being able to twist, turn, stretch, and reach are valuable actions we depend on every day. A chiropractor can identify what parts of your joint require strengthening or readjusting to help reduce your joint pain.


Chiropractors use spinal adjustments and manual therapies to treat all kinds of headaches. From tension headaches to migraines, you can visit a chiropractic clinic to experience relief from headaches that can negatively impact you and even become debilitating. When the spine in your neck is out of alignment, it can cause inflammation and aggravation of nearby nerves. This can disrupt healthy signals from your brain to the rest of your body via the nervous system. Headaches can develop due to poor posture, tense muscles, and chronic pain in your neck and elsewhere. Chiropractic adjustments can help restore healthy functioning in your spine and improve oxygen and circulation to your brain.


You can also visit a chiropractor’s clinic for injury treatment and recovery. From car accident injuries to slip and fall accidents, a chiropractor can help you. Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries and can cause pain, stiffness, and restricted mobility in your neck. A chiropractor can use natural and hands-on approaches to address your whiplash symptoms and restore healthy functioning to the area. Chiropractors also focus on your whole body, meaning they don’t just target your injury symptoms. They also work with you through goals for treatment that result in improvements to your overall health and wellbeing. If you break your arm, the injury doesn’t just affect the bone itself. It can impact surrounding muscles, nearby joints, and more. A chiropractor will walk you through the healing and recovery process and address the impacts on your whole body.

What to Expect at the Chiropractor Clinic

Search for your local Atlanta chiropractic clinic near me to get started today. Here’s what you can expect when you visit a chiropractor.

Your First Visit

Your first visit to the chiropractor clinic is considered an initial consultation. During this time, you will meet your chiropractor and talk about what brings you to the clinic. Your chiropractor will want to hear about the pain and other symptoms you may be experiencing, for how long, and their severity. They will also talk to you about your medical history, including whether you have recently been injured or in an accident. During your first visit, your chiropractor may perform a physical exam to analyze your posture, reflexes, range of motion, and more. Your chiropractor may also want to run diagnostic imaging tests like X-rays to get a clearer picture of where you are experiencing pain and discomfort. All this information can help your chiropractor make an accurate diagnosis and an informed treatment plan.

Treatment Plan

Your chiropractor will walk through your personalized treatment plan with you so you know what to expect. This may include a combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, joint manipulation, and other therapeutic techniques. As part of your treatment plan, your chiropractor may also recommend stretches or exercises to practice at home and in between your visits to the chiropractic clinic. All treatment techniques with a chiropractor are non-invasive and drug-free. Chiropractic adjustments involve safe and controlled force applied to a joint that helps restore it back into its proper alignment. Soft tissue manipulation can also help reduce inflammation and improve healthy functioning.

Continued Care

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be sick or injured to see a chiropractor! In fact, our chiropractors offer continued care, sometimes known as maintenance care, to help you support a healthy posture, reduce pain and inflammation, and maintain a typical range of motion. Continued care with a chiropractor can include discussions and recommendations about nutrition, optimal joint functioning, and even improved athletic performance. Talk to your chiropractor about what continued care might look like for you and how you can continue to experience the benefits of chiropractic care. Regular chiropractic adjustments can keep you functioning at your best from head to toe.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care offers a wide variety of benefits for your whole body using an all-natural and holistic approach to healthcare. Here are some of the main ways you can benefit from chiropractic care.

Reduce Pain

When something isn’t functioning properly in our bodies, pain is often a reg flag that an issue needs to be addressed. A chiropractor will pinpoint the source of your pain so that you can experience pain relief that lasts. Chiropractors offer both short-term and long-term solutions for pain relief that are all-natural and drug-free. By promoting the body’s natural healing abilities, a chiropractor will work with your joints, muscles, and other soft tissues to promote healthy functioning.

Resolve Misalignments

Misalignments in the spine and joints are also known as subluxations. A subluxation refers to a slight misalignment that can have ripple effects inside the body. A misalignment in your spine or joints can cause pain, swelling, reduced mobility, tingling, and numbness. Chiropractors correct subluxations using chiropractic adjustments. These spinal manipulations to resolve misalignments can be done by hand or using a specialized chiropractic tool. Restoring the proper positioning in the spinal column or your joints allows for optimal flow and functioning throughout your body.

Restore Mobility

Health conditions, injuries, and even chronic poor posture can all lead to a decrease in range of motion. A chiropractor will work with you to determine what is impacting your mobility and address the root cause. To effectively restore your mobility, your chiropractor will use non-invasive techniques that promote healthy functioning, healing, and improved strength. You might be dealing with a painfully sore neck after a car accident and find it difficult to turn your head from side to side. A chiropractor can work with you to resolve any misalignments and provide tension relief to your neck muscles. This will help gently promote increased flexibility and range of motion in your neck.

Improve Posture

Chiropractors study the spinal column and how it impacts the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, and the whole body. Poor posture has been linked to a wide variety of health conditions, from chronic headaches to arthritis pain. When you are constantly living with poor posture, this can put added stress on certain parts of your spine. The muscles that support your neck and back can become weakened, tense, and stiff. Chiropractors use safe and therapeutic techniques that help train your muscles to better support and stabilize a healthy spine.

How to Choose a ChiropractorHow to Choose a Chiropractor Near You

Find an Atlanta chiropractor near you today that offers quality, comprehensive care and personalized treatment plans. At AICA Orthopedics, we have multiple locations across the metro Atlanta area, so you can find a convenient clinic near your home or work. Our teams of chiropractors have access to diagnostic imaging tools on-site, so you can get everything you need in one convenient location. When looking for a chiropractor, you want someone who is licensed and has experience in what you are dealing with. Our chiropractors are spine specialists who work with car accident injuries and chronic health conditions.

Whether you are looking for chronic pain relief or an effective way to relax after a long day, visit the best chiropractic clinic near you at AICA Orthopedics in Atlanta. Our teams of chiropractors go above and beyond to provide you with the best treatment and care available so you can get back to doing the things you love most. Experience the innovative approach to treatment and care at AICA Orthopedics, where our chiropractors work alongside other healthcare professionals to provide you with a wide range of services to address your every need. Even better, you can meet with a chiropractor and physical therapist all at one chiropractic clinic.

If you are looking for walk-in pain clinics in Atlanta, GA, then you have come to the right place at AICA Orthopedics.