Atlanta Fluoroscopy – Motion X-Ray Scans

When the joints that run through your body are no longer working properly or an area of your spine becomes misaligned, motion X-ray or videofluoroscopy may be used to help determine the most appropriate form of Chiropractic Treatment.
This particular service is an invaluable tool for addressing pain and injuries that range from Whiplash and chronic headaches to back or neck conditions.

How Does Video Fluoroscopy Work?

Videofluoroscopy sees a patient stand upright, while comfortably moving the area of their body that requires Chiropractic Treatment.
Most procedures take less than one minute to complete and are completely painless. Once the video is captured, it is transferred to and stored on a computer where it can be reviewed by one of our Atlanta Chiropractors.
The primary difference between an X-ray scan and video fluoroscopy is that this particular device allows Chiropractors to review joints in motion – giving our team the ability to see how particular parts of the body that are in pain react to subtle forms of stress and movement.

The Importance of Monitoring and Preserving Joint Function

When the joints that run through and surround your spine are exposed to excessive stress from overuse, physical activity, or accident injuries, their ability to function properly diminishes.
This type of environment can lead to stiffness or misalignments that cause other chronic conditions to develop, such as back pain, neck pain, tension headaches, and arthritis if left untreated. Fluoroscopy allows Chiropractors to address these concerns before they become problematic or dangerous to a patient’s health and lifestyle.
Fluoroscopy helps our Atlanta Chiropractors to identify precise areas within particular joints that are damaged to strained, allowing them to provide the most appropriate form of treatment that successfully restores motion or alignment. Patients who undergo this type of procedure often notice immediate improvements to their energy levels, sleeping patterns, and flexibility because of their Chiropractor’s ability to understand the micro-aspects of their condition.

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