Atlanta CT Scans

The Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta can diagnose forms of microtrauma and extensive chronic conditions because of the imaging devices that are accessible on site.
In cases of hairline fractures, a CT scan is used to provide a three-dimensional perspective that helps determine the best course of action to take when rendering Chiropractic Treatment.
CT scans or computerized axial tomography process multiple X-ray combinations to develop a comprehensive view of a particular area of the body that’s experiencing chronic pain or is injured from an accident. By combining these images that offer a perspective from multiple angles, our Atlanta Chiropractors can look inside of the injured area without having to rely on surgical procedures.

Benefits of CT Scans For Chiropractic Patients In Atlanta

CT Scans are considered to be one of the most valuable devices throughout the medical world, as well as one of the top five diagnostic tools to emerge in the last fifty years.
The benefits of CT scans include more effective Chiropractic Treatment by:

  • Determining alternative solutions to surgery
  • Helping Chiropractors avoid the need for exploratory surgeries
  • Improving the accuracy and detection of cancer development
  • Reducing the need to keep patients on site for examination
  • Providing more effective treatment for accident injuries

When Are CT Scans Used On Chiropractic Patients?

Your Atlanta Chiropractor may recommend a CT scan to help:

  • Diagnose disorders that affect your bones or muscles, such as fractures or growths
  • Identify the specific location of a disorder, infection, misalignment, or growth
  • Support or compliment other Chiropractic techniques, solutions, or procedures
  • Monitor the effectiveness of other Chiropractic treatments
  • Identify internal injuries, inflammation, or bleeding

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