Orthopedic Hand Specialist in Atlanta

Everybody uses their hands in a variety of ways throughout the day, to do everything from signing our names to opening the refrigerator. For people whose jobs also involve consistent use of their hands, the chances of developing a chronic condition or experiencing pain in their hands are heightened. Jobs like construction, or even office jobs that involve a lot of typing, as well as hobbies like sewing can be risk factors for this kind of problem.

Because our hands are so critical to daily function, even minor issues should be taken extremely seriously, and you should always visit an Atlanta hand specialist at the first sign of pain or symptoms. The team at AICA Atlanta will be able to provide treatment plans designed to relieve painful symptoms by diagnosing the root cause of your hand condition. Rather than relying on simple medication for relief, we will work to heal the underlying problem you are experiencing.

Our chiropractors serve as hand specialists who can reduce pain by focusing on flexibility and mobility in the hand, wrist, and surrounding joints. For more serious conditions, we also have orthopedic hand specialists available, in addition to physical therapists and pain management specialists.


Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment for Hand Pain

Most cases of hand pain are caused by misalignments that develop as a result of age, overuse, or a degenerative disease.

The nerves that run through your arms, fingers, and hands are all rooted in your spinal cord. When your spine becomes misaligned or if you experience a problem like a ruptured or bulging disc, your nerves can become compressed, causing complications throughout the rest of your body, including your hands.

Chiropractic adjustments will target these misalignments, working to return your spine to a neutral and healthy position. This enables your body to function more smoothly and leads to the pain in your hands to subside.

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Hand Inflammation

Hand inflammation is a common symptom of chronic conditions like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. A hand specialist doctor will be able to apply specialized techniques in these cases that can reduce inflammation and, subsequently, pain.

Using solutions like electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, or massage therapy, our Atlanta hand specialists can effectively reduce hand stiffness and eliminate the tension that prevents you from gripping objects.

Chiropractic Exercises and Stretches For Hand Pain

After treating the inflammation, a chiropractic hand specialist can provide you with a follow-up routine of particular exercises and stretches that help relax the bones, joints, and tendons that run through your hand. We will show you how to perform these exercises on your own so that if you begin to notice symptoms in the future, you can immediately put these techniques into action and prevent more serious issues.

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