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5 Most Commonly Broken Bones in Car Accidents

Jul 9, 2021

Unfortunately, it is possible to break a bone when you have been in a car accident. An injury can sometimes occur whether or not you were wearing your seatbelt or if the airbags deployed. While neck and back injuries are most common after a car accident, broken bones in various parts of the body can also occur. When you have been injured in a car accident, you want to find an Atlanta car accident doctor with the knowledge and expertise to provide you with quality, comprehensive care.

Car Accidents and Broken Bones

If you were in an accident where paramedics were called to the scene then you may have visited the emergency room for X-rays to confirm a broken bone. If not, you may have visited urgent care as soon as you started noticing something was wrong. When you suffer a broken bone from a car accident, the emergency room or urgent care doctor may have said you have a fracture. The term fracture is used interchangeably with what is more commonly called a broken bone. There are many types of broken bones and they don’t just happen to children who then wear a colorful cast for a few weeks. In fact, some broken bones can’t even be put into a cast but will still require a doctor for proper treatment and healing.

The 5 Most Commonly Broken Bones in Car Accidents

The force of impact can cause a great deal of damage, whether from a rear-end collision or multiple-car wreck. The seatbelt and airbags are safety features to help soften the blow of the accident and prevent you from being ejected from the vehicle. If you weren’t wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident, it is far more likely to suffer serious injuries.


Head injuries suffered during car accidents are most commonly experienced by people who were not wearing their seat belts. The seat belt helps to restrain your body during the forceful jostling and shaking that occurs in a car accident. If you didn’t have a seat belt on at the time, then you could hit your head rather hard against the windshield or dashboard. This can lead to a traumatic brain injury or even a skull fracture.

Facial Bones

Facial bones are more susceptible to injury because they are smaller and more delicate than bones in other areas of the body. It is possible to hit your head and face against part of the vehicle and end up with a broken cheekbone or broken nose. The sudden impact can also cause your head and neck to fling forward and backward rather rapidly, where your face could hit the steering wheel or window.


The collarbone is the more common term for what is known as the clavicle. This bone runs from your shoulder and across the top of your chest on either side. This bone is more delicate than other bones and can be damaged more easily. If you wear your seat belt improperly then it is possible to actually break your clavicle from the pressure of the seat belt. This can also occur if the force of impact causes you to strain against the seat belt and it pulls too tightly across the clavicle.

Arm Bones

Hands, wrists, and arms are susceptible to injury during a car accident because it is a natural instinct to put your hands out to brace yourself for something you see coming. In a car accident, if your instincts tell you to put your hands or arms up in front of your head or braced against the dashboard then they become injured. Wrist fractures are common due to these types of motions, as well as upper and lower arm fractures. These types of broken bones are typically treated by wearing a cast to support the healing process.

Spinal Vertebrae

Back and neck injuries are most common in car accidents because of how much pressure the force of impact puts on the spine. Stress and pressure on the spine can cause misalignments, which is where vertebrae slip out of place. A strong enough impact or blow to the spine can also cause a fracture of the spinal vertebrae as well.

It is important to find a doctor after an auto accident who can diagnose and treat your broken bone properly. Visit AICA Orthopedics in Atlanta to see an Atlanta car accident doctor who can provide you with individualized treatment and care after you have been in a wreck.


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