Aching Back No More!

Jul 3, 2019

Aching Back No More! | AICA AtlantaYou hear it all the time, people complaining that their back hurts. This affliction in the back is one of the most common and leads to discomfort and can even prevent those from performing their daily tasks.

Living In Pain

The pain may be dull, or sharp, constant or sporadic but regardless or the type of pain, the pain should be addressed and a treatment plan should be created to help combat the back pain and allow you the pain free life you deserve. How? Where? Atlanta chiropractors. Our team will create an individualized plan to treat your condition using specialized techniques to suit your needs.

If medication doesn’t seem to solving your back pain, don’t think you’re out of luck yet! Chiropractors have been able to crack the mystery of back pain and reduce symptoms with natural techniques without the use of medications.

Chiropractic Answers What Traditional Medicine Can’t

Most often when a condition isn’t resolved by medication, it is a result of a misalignment of the spine and when this occurs the circulation and flow to the nervous system can be impacted resulting in other issues in the body. When working with a chiropractor, back pain can be treated using specialized techniques to realign the spine while aiding in the body’s natural healing process.

Our team knows that not all back pain is the same and so we provide different kinds of spinal manipulations and adjustments to treat back pain. A soft tissues therapy relaxes tight and sore muscles. If the muscles are the root of the problem, a therapy called manual release stretches the muscles as pressure is applied, while the trigger point therapy applies direct, but controlled, pressure on the area with the most tension.

Therapeutic Treatment

When needing to regain motion in the joints, manual therapy is used. This can be split into two different categories, joint mobilization and joint manipulation. Joint mobilization manual therapy involves slow and gentle stretching of the problematic joint. Joint manipulation uses quick, gentle movements to stretch the joint.

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