After An Auto Collision, Call AICA’s Car Accident Doctors
Oct 29, 2018

After An Auto Collision, Call AICA's Car Accident Doctors | AICA AtlantaIt is impossible to anticipate being involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, many people who find themselves involved in one will sustain physical trauma. Regardless of whether it is a major accident or a minor fender bender, it’s important to seek chiropractic treatment immedaitely after an incident occurs.

Whiplash & Other Common Injuries

Some of the most commonly treated injuries by our chiropractors resulting from a car accident are involving the neck, back, and shoulders. Whiplash is a very common injury sustained from accidents that are caused by the cervical spine being thrust abruptly backward and then forward resulting in the spine to become misaligned.

This most commonly occurs during a rear-end collision when the victim of the accident does not know that it is coming. People who sustain whiplash injuries will feel muscle stiffness and pain lasting weeks past the time of the accident.

If an accident is anticipated, the driver involved may tense up to prepare for impact. This will lead to strained shoulder, neck, and back muscles.

All our chiropractors customize your treatment according to your specific injuries, most of the commonly used ones will include muscle stimulation therapy, exercises to target the injured area, lifestyle changes to accommodate and promote healing and spinal manipulation.

Contact Our Atlanta Car Accident Chiropractors Today

Our Atlanta chiropractors start your treatment plan with a comprehensive consultation to narrow down the main problem areas and the best way to address them and get you feeling better. Call (404) 889-8828 to start your personalized treatment plan.

Every automobile accident is unique, and your treatment plan will be customized accordingly.


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