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AICA Atlanta Provides Natural Treatment Solutions For Scoliosis

Feb 7, 2020

AICA Atlanta Provides Natural Treatment Solutions For Scoliosis | AICA AtlantaYou get that phone from the school nurse saying in a routine exam, your child showed signs of scoliosis, what now?

Around 80 percent of all scoliosis cases are idiopathic, which means that the cause of the sideways curvature is unknown. Some of these idiopathic diagnoses may be a result of hereditary factors.

Who Is At Risk For Scoliosis?

Those who are the most affected by scoliosis are between ten to 15 years old with girls more commonly affected. This condition affects around two to three percent of the population with a growing number of adults developing this condition. If trauma to the spine has occurred, there is a greater chance of scoliosis developing if an injury is left untreated.

Congenital scoliosis occurs before birth. These deformities are often from partially-formed vertebrae. Or vertebrae that are fused together.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Upon diagnosis in children, a wait and see approach is often the first line of treatment. In the event that the curvature is advanced to a 45 to 50 degree curve, surgical fusion may be recommended. With this treatment option, steel rods may be implanted as well as hooks and screws to help straighten the spine. These are covered with bone fragments to help fuse the metal rods with the spine.

A surgical fusion has its risks and it is considered major surgery. Risks of this surgery include infection, a neurological compromise, and the potential for a collapsed lung. In some instances, broken rods were reported. This type of surgery also may require repeat surgeries.

The Difference with Chiropractic Treatment

With scoliosis, chiropractic treatment has shown great promise. With continuous adjustments, spinal structures and functions have shown great improvements. Our chiropractic patients have shown great results with pre and post x rays revealing these significant changes. Many of our patients are able to avoid or put off surgery altogether when chiropractic care is used.

Our chiropractors can provide chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy to those affected by scoliosis.

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