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Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Cluster Headaches

Sep 8, 2017

Each person experiences a headache from time to time. Some people experience chronic headaches that derive from various sources. Cluster headaches are one of the most painful types of headaches. Understanding the symptoms associated with cluster headaches, common causes, and available treatment solutions can help you take proactive measures that prevent these headaches from occurring.

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Understanding Cluster Headaches

Only one percent of the entire population throughout the United States are affected by cluster headaches. Of those who suffer from cluster headaches, the vast majority of patients are male. Unfortunately, cluster headaches produce severe, immediate pain, opposed to migraines that tend to develop gradually with time.

Cluster headaches occur in multiples, which sees those affected experience a repeating cycle of headaches and temporary relief that can span over several hours. Pain is often described as excruciating and often extends to the forehead, cheeks, head, eyes, and neck. The affected eyes can appear to droop down, while the nose can be congested on the same side as the affected eye. In some cases, the pain can rise to a level that causes patients to experience nausea or vomiting.

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Cluster Headaches

Chiropractic Treatment is effective for supporting the healing process associated with cluster headaches. When your body produces headaches, it is often indicative of other, more severe underlying conditions that exist. Since Chiropractic helps maintain a healthy functioning musculoskeletal system, standard techniques like spinal adjustments help restore joint motion and proper nervous system functioning.

When approaching cluster headaches, Chiropractors will review the condition of the upper cervical joints. Most patients who suffer from cluster headaches tend to carry subluxations in the first vertebrae in the neck, which is referred to as the Atlas. When joint motion is restored through manual or spinal adjustments, the nervous system can perform at a healthier, stabilized level, the cervical spine muscles relax, and headaches appear less frequently.

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