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Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Headaches Caused By Car Accidents

Jun 15, 2017

Headaches are common reactions to car accidents and are often indicative of other underlying injuries or damage.

Depending on the circumstances, you may not experience this particular symptom immediately following your car accident. For some, it can develop within a few hours following a collision, while others don’t develop chronic headaches for several weeks.

If you are suffering from painful headaches after getting involved in a car accident, contact our Atlanta Chiropractors to schedule a complete examination.

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Headaches and Car Accident Injuries

When you visit our Atlanta Chiropractic Clinic for headache treatment, your Chiropractor may recommend manual adjustments to help realign particular parts of your spine that were damaged in the accident.

This Chiropractic technique is completely safe and does not contain side effects, unlike prescription medications or surgical alternatives.

Chiropractic Treatment Addresses Other Headache Triggers

Patients who experience chronic headaches following a car accident also tend to have a neck injury.

Since the spine travels through the neck to the base of the skull, it is vulnerable to pressure and stress caused by the impact of rear-end, side, or front-end collisions that jolt your neck beyond its reasonable limits. Through spinal adjustments, stabilization, and heat therapy, our Atlanta car accident Chiropractors can relieve you of neck pain, which will help reduce or eliminate recurring headaches.

Chiropractic Treatment, Postural Support, and Massage Therapy

To maximize the value of your in-office treatment, your Atlanta Chiropractor will show you a variety of postural exercises you can perform on your own to help stabilize the position of your neck and head.

Depending on the extent of your car accident injury, your Chiropractor may recommend following through with message therapy in order to relieve tense muscles that surround your back and neck – relieving built up pressure and reducing inflammation.

Contact Our Atlanta Car Accident Chiropractors For Headache Relief

Complete and permanent headache relief is just a phone call away as the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta are the community’s most experienced car accident injury specialists.

For over 20 years, our Atlanta Chiropractors have helped thousands of car accident patients recover from headaches, Whiplash, torn ligaments, and other painful conditions. We are trained at diagnosing deep-rooted injuries that other forms of medicine are not able to recognize – giving you the chance to address potentially debilitating conditions before they set in.

A car accident can happen at a moment’s notice without any warning and if it does happen to you, give our Atlanta Chiropractic Clinic a call to schedule a free consultation or immediate treatment.

Just dial (404) 889-8828.


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