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Can A Chiropractor Treat Back Pain?
Mar 27, 2020

Can A Chiropractor Treat Back Pain? | AICA AtlantaWith some back injuries, a fall or an accident can be the direct cause; however, most back injuries are due to a person’s actions.

So, how can you become more cautious and avoid these painful injuries? Our Atlanta chiropractors have compiled some essential preventative measures to ensure your safety and prevent future damage.

Use Proper Techniques

When you lift anything, such as a laundry basket, your child, or other heavy objects, it is imperative to use proper lifting techniques. Bend your knees, keep the back straight and avoid hunching over when lifting anything off the floor.

If you know that you must lift something, give yourself a step up and place the item on a chair or table to avoid straining your back. Keep your body well balanced and use your legs for power. Avoid changing direction at the waist as this can cause strain to the muscles. If you must change directions, allow your feet to move first before pivoting your body.

Mindfulness of the Body

Before engaging in physical activity, whether it be lifting or another physical exercise, it is suggested that you stretch your muscles before participating in any event. This proactive approach can aid in avoiding injury. If you are lifting heavy objects over a long period, always allow time for breaks to give your back a break for a few moments.

Exercise is a great way to combat back injuries. When engaging in physical activity regularly, stronger core muscles can help in the prevention of injury. Aside from exercise, sleeping on a firm mattress has many benefits, which include taking pressure off the spine, which could cause damage.

Seek Effective Treatment

Even with the most excellent prevention techniques, some injuries can still occur. When damage occurs, it is best to find treatment sooner rather than later. Back injuries can be complicated, leading to misalignments, bulging and herniated discs as well as other damages. To ensure quick resolution of your symptoms and improved blood flow in the body, chiropractic treatment is highly suggested to correct the abnormalities causing the symptoms.

At our Atlanta chiropractic clinic, our specialists are prepared to answer any questions you may have. With back injuries, swift action is necessary to combat these symptoms and allow for complete relief. If you have suffered a back injury, whether it be from an accident or poor lifting techniques, our chiropractors are ready to help! Dial (404) 889-8828 to schedule an appointment today!