Chiropractic Treatment After A Car Accident
Sep 10, 2018

Car accidents hurt, in more ways than one. They cause physical pain, emotional trauma and financial stress. Major impacts can cause obvious injuries, what many do not realize is that minor accidents at low speeds can still cause neck and spine injuries that may not manifest for weeks or months.

After A Car Accident

Your seat belt does a great job holding your body in place, however your head and neck are not supported. If left untreated, even soft tissue injuries can evolve into chronic pain and arthritis. Your Atlanta chiropractors can help.

Auto Injury Treatment: First Steps

After a collision, you should go to an emergency room if you feel any moderate to severe pain to be sure you do not have any severe injuries. If you don’t feel any pain or just mild pain, you should call AICA Atlanta as soon as possible for a consultation with an auto injury chiropractor.

Your Atlanta chiropractor is specially trained in treating injuries to the neck and spine, like whiplash and headaches, caused by accidents. We work to help vehicle accident victims by treating the cause of the injury to prevent permanent damage and provide lasting relief.

Putting Together a Plan

At your first visit you will undergo some orthopedic and neurological tests, and possibly imaging, to determine whether you are suffering from soft tissue damage or structural damage like a bulged or herniated disc.

Based on your range of motion and the extent of your injuries, your Atlanta chiropractor will create a treatment plan for your auto injury. All treatments are unique; your plan could involve chiropractic adjustments, exercises, physical therapy, cold packs, rest, or even massage therapy.

Back in the Driver’s Seat

If you follow the plan and give your body time to heal, you’ll be back to real life, pain-free and with full mobility. Call us today to make an appointment and get on the path to recovery.