Chiropractic Treatment for Sinus Conditions

Nov 29, 2019

Chiropractic Treatment for Sinus Conditions | AICA AtlantaThe body’s sinuses are located in hollow areas within your cranium that are dispersed throughout the forehead, the upper cheek, and sides of your head that facilitate your breathing. If you have ever fallen ill, you most likely understand the stiffness associated with your sinuses being clogged and filled with mucus.

The Body’s Natural Ability to Fight Off Sickness

Although the mucus may seem inconvenient, it does serve as a helpful purpose in warding off sickness. The mucus helps to trap germ and foreign matter within the sinus cavity and flush them out. When the sinus cavity becomes clogged; however, these germs invading the body may stay for an extended period.

This often results in pressure in the head and worsening of the symptoms. In medical terms, this condition is called sinusitis and results in the common cold. Sinusitis, without care, will not resolve until the illness has dissipated. However, seeking chiropractic care can help to speed up the process.

Around 33 percent of sinus issues are the result of colds. A further 33% are the result of allergens. The rest of the sinus issues typically arise from asthma and environmental factors. The effects of sinusitis can range from mild to severe and usually entail:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Migraines
  • Lasting cough

Our Atlanta Chiropractors’ Approach

When the sinus cavity is full, relief if found when the cavity if properly drained. This relief can come from the help of a chiropractor by relieving any interference that may be affecting your nervous system. When the nervous system is improved, the body regains some flexibility. When this flexibility occurs, a better range of motion throughout the head and neck area can occur. With a few adjustments and carefully applied pressure, sinus relief can be found.

The mucus in your sinuses relies on signals from your spine to operate. As such, chiropractic care that aims to relieve pressure on your nervous system only increases your ability to fight sinusitis by tackling the problem at the source.

If a cold has taken over your life, and you find that your sinuses are clogged, before reaching for medications, contact our Atlanta chiropractors to learn how we can help! Dial (404) 889-8828 today to schedule an appointment.