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Chiropractic Treatment Is Crucial For Car Accident Injuries

Oct 10, 2018

It is hard to prepare for unexpected events like an automobile accident, but those who are unfortunate enough to fall victim to this unanticipated event will have negative repercussions to their physical well-being. It doesn’t matter if it is a minor fender bender or a devastating accident involving multiple vehicles, your body will feel the effects of the incident.

Personalized Treatment

Therefore, personalized treatment from trained chiropractors is imperative to your recovery. Chiropractors see many bodily injuries post-accident, but the most common involve the neck, back, and shoulders.

Rear-end collisions often result in whiplash, causing stiffness to the muscles and pain that can last for weeks after the accident occurs. For accidents that are anticipated moments before they happen, drivers involved in these will unavoidably tense their bodies in anticipation, causing strain to numerous muscles in their backs and necks.

We Meet Your Specific Needs

Chiropractic treatment for injuries sustained is customized to your individual needs and specific injuries. Of the many, some of the most common include relaxation therapy and muscle stimulation, tailored exercises, spinal manipulation, and changes to lifestyle for ergonomically induced issues (i.e. desk work with lengthy spells of sitting.)

Every treatment plan for car accident recovery developed by the Chiropractor will be fully personalized to the patient and will include a complete consultation to determine targeted issues and a course of action to combat these difficulties. Everyone who falls victim to a car wreck will be faced with individual needs and will have different body types, and it is imperative that treatment for sustained injuries matches the individuality of the patient.

Let AICA Atlanta Support Your Recovery Process

Specific treatment plans will differ patient to patient, but the overall goal is to not just mask the pain as a pain medication would but to treat the underlying cause with chiropractic care. Our Atlanta chiropractors will get to the root of the cause of the pain you are experiencing because of the accident. Call (404) 889-8828 now to get the help you need and start feeling better.


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