Combining Workout Styles for Greater Success
Nov 11, 2019

Combining Workout Styles for Greater Success | AICA AtlantaRemaining stagnant is not good for your success in life, or for your health. The problem for many Americans is that an office lifestyle forces you to be sedentary for long periods of time, and even though you may not be on your feet, your body still endures stress. So, how do you get moving when your world is so busy?

Our Atlanta chiropractors understand how busy lives can be, however, getting yourself moving is not only critical for your health but can improve your level of success.

Cardiovascular Workouts

When engaging in cardio, your heart rate, and breathing increase when conducting exercise for 10 consecutive minutes. The point of cardio is to get the heart pumping faster and increasing the lung’s function. When the heart and lungs are forced to work harder for longer periods of time, the heart and lungs increase their capacity to function at a higher level which makes your body healthier.

Cardio exercises could include, walking, running, biking, swimming, skiing or an elliptical; the possibilities are endless. Aside from the organs functioning at a higher rate, the joints experience an increased range of motion and a stimulus to the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system carries waste throughout the body and it is dependent upon movement of muscles and joints to propel this waste through the proper exit channels.

Strength Training

When hitting the gym, the amount of equipment and classes can be overwhelming. Understanding the difference between strength training and weight lifting can mean all the difference in increasing your muscle strength. Don’t focus so much on being able to lift a large weight as much as you should focus on gaining strength little by little.

Some types of strength training are bodyweight exercises, push-ups, lunges, and tricep dips.

As you strengthen your body, you reduce your chance of injury and increase your body’s stability. Blood pressure can also decrease as you engage in strength training. This type of workout can prove to be effective at improving your overall health.

For some people, they may think that cardio is better because overall you burn more calories than those who participate in strength training and while that may be true it does not mean that cardio trumps strength training. The metabolism generally tends to stay higher while burning more calories for longer periods of time until strength training is complete.

It’s important to know is that there are far more benefits than how many calories are burned. When unsure of what is best for your body, know that movement is the best form of exercises and is vital for optimal health.

Combining strength training and cardio is the best recipe for success. Taking a brisk walk and implementing even 15 minutes of body weight exercises can have you reaching an optimal level of health. Be consistent with your workouts, but don’t engage in the same workouts over and over as the body needs change to grow and progress. Even on rest days, engage in at least 30 minutes of walking to keep your heart rate up.

Workout Options

If unsure of where to begin in combining strength training and cardio, think about taking a class or look into structured workouts.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – this type of workout has you working really hard for a short period of time and then resting and repeating for a set period. So, this would be running as hard as you can for a period of two minutes and then resting for 30 seconds and then repeating. If you are in a time crunch, this type of activity can be highly effective as it can be done in 15 minutes.

A group class can create a sense of camaraderie and help to motivate you to push forward. Group classes can be cardio, strength training or a mix of the two. Having an instructor can help guide you by demonstrating how to perform the workouts and on the side cost, group classes can be more affordable than private sessions.

With personal training, there are one-to-one workouts tailored for the client by a certified instructor. This can be the perfect way to get started or to keep you on track throughout your journey. Often you can go for a couple of sessions and they’ll put together a plan for you to execute on your own.

Maximize Your Personal Health By Adding Chiropractic Care

Get moving in your life, for your body’s sake. Your heart and lung health will improve as your cardio and strength training increase. The most important thing to remember is to stay consistent as that will yield the best results. As you embark on this new fitness journey, think about adding chiropractic care into your regime to improve your spine’s health, ultimately increasing your ability to handle your new workout regime. Contact our Atlanta chiropractors today to learn more by dialing (404) 889-8828.