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Common Disorders Treated With Chiropractic Care
Jan 19, 2018

Chiropractors provide treatment solutions for many different types of spinal disorders that cause painful symptoms. Similar to other types of medical physicians, our Atlanta Chiropractors follow through with a physical examination to correctly diagnose conditions using a combination of manual techniques and imaging technology. Once we can understand the source and extent of a patient’s disorder, we can create a treatment plan that is customized to align with the unique characteristics of their condition. If you currently manage a disorder that complicates your ability to follow through with personal or professional commitments, consider the following information which highlights several spine-related problems that are treated with chiropractic.

List of Treatable Disorders

Back sprains and strains: Close to 75 percent of all adults experience a back sprain or strain during their life. Sprains occur when ligaments are stretched beyond their limits or tear. Strains affect a muscle or tendon, and either condition can take place as a result of lifting heavy weights, participating in a strenuous activity, or bending awkwardly. Common symptoms associated with sprains and strains are aches, inflammation, burning sensations, tingling, and numbness.

Cervicogenic headaches: A result of referred neck pain, these headaches are usually felt at the back of the head, in the temples, or behind the eyes. Because of its symptoms, cervicogenic headaches are often confused with migraines.

Coccydynia: The pain connected with this condition develops in the tailbone and tends to affect those who experience a slip and fall accident or frequently take long bike rides.

Degenerative disc disease: Each person’s intervertebral discs break down over time due to exposure to strain and overuse. When this happens, the supporting discs lose their ability to absorb impact, harden, and become thin.

Sciatica: When the sciatic nerve or a cluster of the sciatic nerve becomes compressed or irritated, sciatica occurs. Patients who manage sciatica often experience moderate to significant pain that extends down the waist and into the back of both legs.

Spondylosis: A particular form of arthritis that’s caused by aging, spondylosis affects the facet joints within the spine, among other bones.

Piriformis: This syndrome develops when the piriformis muscle applies too much pressure to the sciatic nerve. Patients with piriformis experience significant pain, tingling, and numbness that extends through the waist and behind the back of one or both legs.

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