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Follow-up Care Is The Best Medicine

Nov 27, 2019

Follow-up Care Is The Best Medicine | AICA AtlantaOne of the most common questions asked in regards to treatment plans is, “ How do I know if I don’t need this anymore?” Although some factors may be different, our general guidelines remain the same.

To complete your treatment, you must be:

  • Engaging in 100% of your normal home, work, and recreational activities with zero symptoms. If you can remain stable for one week and find that pain has diminished, you may be in the clear.
  • We will perform a closing exam that’s completely documented for your record.

Chiropractic Care in Atlanta

Completing your full recovery is extremely important for several reasons, in addition to avoiding any recurrence of pain and disability and protecting your case with the insurance company.

In some cases, receiving treatment for a few months may be all you need as your pain levels have decreased to a low 1 or 2 on a scale of 1-10. However, it is important to continue to follow up on care and monitor your symptoms for any changes.

A Case Study To Remember

In this case, the patient that thought she recovered ended up returning nine months later to report a new injury. This time, instead of the sprain/strain injury to her low back she had from the car accident, she had symptoms of a disc herniation with numbness and tingling going down her leg. She had fallen at work.

The Worker’s Compensation insurance adjuster in charge of her case checked her medical records for the previous seven years. They discovered she never received a closing exam from the motor vehicle collision and that her last visit included minimal pain to her lower back. They used this evidence to deny her entire claim and left her having to pay out-of-pocket for all of her care. This time, it would include more intense therapy, advanced imaging, and possibly a neurosurgical consult.

Always protect yourself, and even if you are unsure if continued care is needed, discuss your concerns with your doctor before deciding to discontinue treatment on your own.

After Treatment

Upon completing your treatment, our team of chiropractors at AICA Atlanta will be sure to develop an appropriate level of care to meet your needs. Although your pain may be managed and corrections have been made, it is best to receive follow up care to ensure that those corrections remain intact.

Once your treatment has been completed, and your body is stable enough, our doctors will provide follow up care much less frequently, which can be convenient for your busy schedule. Much like your other appointments, these follow-up appointments are usually covered by your insurance carrier, so why not go? If you are looking for a skilled chiropractor, contact our Atlanta chiropractors today for more information by dialing (404) 889-8828.


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