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Get Into A Light Fender Bender Call AICA Atlanta | AICA AtlantaMore than 50 percent of all Whiplash Injuries occur as a result of a low-speed car accident or those where the vehicle(s) was traveling less than 15 miles per hour (mph). Although it may seem logical to avoid medical treatment if your vehicle is not damaged, low-speed accidents can still cause tissue damage and other underlying injuries that require immediate attention.

Atlanta Chiropractic For Fender Benders

Neck pain is one of the more prominent symptoms associated with Whiplash Injury, although it does not always appear right away. The symptoms connected to Whiplash and other common accident injuries may take several weeks to a few months to become noticeable. And, when you do start to notice that your neck has lost some of its mobility or you begin suffering from recurring headaches, permanent damage may have already set in.

To avoid potential impairments and chronic pain, it’s recommended to visit with one of our Atlanta Car Accident Chiropractors within 72 hours of a car crash. Early diagnosis and treatment gives you the best chance to experience a complete recovery, as well as avoid potential health complications over time.

Injury Symptoms Associated With Fender Bender Accidents

Other symptoms that are connected to low-speed car accidents include:

Chiropractic Treatment For Fender Bender Injuries

The Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta rely on a variety of holistic treatment solutions when it comes to correcting low-speed accident injuries. Manual or Chiropractic Adjustments, deep tissue massage, strengthening techniques, and physical therapy all provide effective results. If you are involved in a minor, low-speed accident, contact our office right away to schedule an immediate appointment or same-day examination.

AICA Atlanta serves as the community’s most experienced car accident injury center, helping thousands of patients over the last two decades overcome their injuries and return to their routines. And, our clinic has everything you need to experience a complete, healthy recovery with state-of-the-art imaging devices onsite and direct access to a multidisciplinary team of medical experts.

Contact or call our office to learn more about our approach to treating car accident injuries, as well as to schedule an appointment – (404) 889-8828.

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