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Get Through The Work Day Pain-Free With Chiropractic Treatment
Nov 6, 2017

Complaints of headaches and back pain are fairly common among workers in just about every field, and both lead to significant discomfort and disability, while also decreasing productivity. Two recent studies set out to figure out how workers come to experience musculoskeletal pain and headaches, and which factors are most likely to cause such occurrences.

From these findings, it is clear that receiving care from Atlanta’s Chiropractors can be essential to a healthy and happy work experience.

Office Workers Study

In the first study, examiners focused on office workers that spend a significant amount of time on computers. These examiners looked at surveys to find the musculoskeletal symptoms reported by these workers, as well as the risk factors that may be associated with these complaints. Such research found that over 60 percent of the surveyed employees reported pain in the shoulder, neck or upper back regions.

A high degree of psychological distress was significantly associated with the shoulder and upper back pain reports, and women were more likely to report discomfort in their shoulders. In the meantime, instances of high workloads were significantly linked to complaints of pain in the lower back region. Researchers determined from these findings that it is important to help alleviate both the physical and psychological complaints by intervening with Chiropractic care.

Such is the case from the second study, as it examined headaches as an effect from the factors researched in the first study. The scope of this was to find the social, psychological and mechanical factors in the workplace that led to the severity of the complained headaches. Those findings included role conflict, control over work intensity, job satisfaction, high workloads and lower decision control.

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Work-Related Pain

Chronic pain can be exacerbated by stress, so limiting and reliving that stress can serve a substantial role in reducing symptoms. Chiropractic care has been found by studies to help the body manage and cope with stress while improving the physical ailments of headaches and back pain.

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