How Chiropractors Can Minimize Pain After Auto Accident
Jun 12, 2019

How Chiropractors Can Minimize Pain After Auto Accident | AICA AtlantaWith car accidents occurring almost every day, this is leaving victims with a wide variety of medical needs. Even those who may have been in a minor accident, it is not uncommon for them to develop a chronic condition as a result of an untreated injury.

When car accident victims don’t seek medical attention following their accident, they leave themselves open for the potential of lifelong damage and costly medical bills to cover the damage caused from the accident.

When an accident occurs, adrenaline is pumping through your body as your body is in shock of what has just occurred and because of this, some symptoms may go unnoticed and your body fools you into thinking you are fine when the truth is you have faced some type of injury.

When most people think of a treatment plan following an accident they think of following up with their primary doctor or even a trip to the emergency room but what many don’t know is how much a chiropractor can help reduce symptoms in a natural and noninvasive way.

Why Choose A Chiropractor?

Not all injuries are transparent

With broken bones and cuts it’s clear, but what if an injury isn’t present or felt right away? Sometimes, adrenaline runs so high during an accident and even following an accident that the effects aren’t truly felt for even a few days later.

For those who suffered whiplash, some may not feel the effects for even longer which can make for treating the condition a little tricky. Symptoms to look out for are neck pain, headaches and even blurred vision.

If pain and swelling surfaces, one of the best ways to manage those symptoms is to see a chiropractor as they can perform a spinal adjustment which will help reduce pain and swelling as well as prevent further damage. The recovery time will also speed up as well as opposed to handling it on your own as chiropractors are skilled in pain management.


When people have been involved in accidents and suffer from chronic pain, they are often under the impression that surgery is the only way to correct their pain but that is not true. Surgery should be the last option and all other options should have been attempted first before an invasive approach is used and that includes chiropractic care.

Chiropractors perform natural healing techniques which are spinal manipulations to help realign the spine and correct any abnormalities all while promoting a natural healing process.

Consulting with a chiropractor before surgery may help you avoid having to have the procedure in the first place and provide you with the pain management you were searching for. Working with a chiropractor is not only a natural and safe alternative to surgery but also time and cost effective as well.

Minimize inflammation

When working with a chiropractor, they will provide you with a consultation first where they will examine you to determine what injuries your body has suffered such as micro tears in ligaments and muscles. When people have these types of tears, they will often experience a great deal of pain but can get helped with chiropractic care.

Suffering from micro-tear related injuries is often related to whiplash injuries from auto accidents as the back and forth motion can cause tearing.

With the spinal manipulation, an anti-inflammatory substance is released through the body and ultimately helps heal the body in a natural and manages the pain related to the injury.

No pain medications

Some pain medication may be helpful at times, but some are too susceptible to reaching for that bottle for every ache and pain. Pain medication only act as a band aid to the pain and do not actually treat the condition and this is why these types of medications are poor choices for the healing process.

The pain medication not only acts as a Band-Aid but can become very addictive and lead to other problems as well. Withdrawal from the medications can have extreme symptoms which makes it difficult for a person to stop taking them.

By seeing a chiropractor, pain can be managed naturally without the use of medications and awful side effects.

Less pain

Who wouldn’t want less pain? Even minor accidents account for chronic conditions such as whiplash which can last for many years if not treated correctly. If you are looking to make a full recovery with minimal side effects, teaming up with a chiropractor is the way to go!

Our Atlanta chiropractors specialize in treating accident victims. We believe in diagnosing and treating car accident victims as quickly as possible as we want to get you back on your feet and back into your normal life routine.

We understand how debilitating a car accident can be, so it is our goal to help with your recover as quick as you can. Our chiropractors are trained to be able to examine, diagnose, and treat your injuries. It is our job to find the underlying cause of your pain and to treat it right at its source. Call us today for a consultation at (404) 889-8828.


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