How To Survive This Winter With Great Personal Health

Feb 15, 2019

Regardless of how much you may want to curl up by the fire during these dreary winter months, you still must get up and get moving as life doesn’t stop, even for a foot of snow or below zero climates. If you are having to deal with these winter weather conditions where you live, you may be exposed to some real threats. But not to worry – our Atlanta chiropractors are here to support you and offer some tips for surviving harsh weather this winter.

Surviving The Cold, Dry Winter

It is important to always check the weather the night before, so you can plan your schedule accordingly and give yourself enough time to get ready in the morning. You can use a weather tracking app. Dark Sky is an example of an app that can tell you when it will snow; Waze app can monitor and alert you to real-time traffic conditions.

Give yourself an extra ten minutes to clean off your car of any snow, and get the window defrosted prior to leaving the house. It is always a good idea to leave earlier than normal so you can make sure you are not rushed and get to your destination in a timely manner.

If you are having to walk in a slippery area, walk slowly and keep your strides small, setting your entire foot down at once. Avoid heel-to-toe walking and wear shoes that have a good grip on the bottom.

Keeping a can of kitty litter in the trunk of your car or back seat in the winter will help you if you get stuck in a slippery area and your tires keep spinning. Putting some kitty litter behind the tire will give you extra traction and allow you to move your vehicle.

When having to drive in the winter through snow or ice, maintain a safe speed below the speed limit and when increasing or decreasing your speed, do so slowly. Do not rush. Your life is more important than your schedule.

It is always a good idea to keep an extra blanket or jacket in the trunk of your car as well as some water, an extra set of clothes, and non-perishable foods in case you get stuck and must wait for assistance.

Layer your clothing to dress properly for the weather. Your innermost layer of clothing should be something insulating in nature like wool. The outermost layer is the one that should provide protection from the elements and be waterproof and wind resistant.

Before shoveling snow, start with a stretching warm up for a minimum of five minutes to help loosen up your muscles and prevent injury.

Most people use a “scoop” technique when shoveling, which is a big mistake. To prevent an injury to your back, push the snow to the sides of your driveway instead of picking up shovels full of snow and twisting.

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