The Long-Term Health Consequences For Not Treating Car Accident Injuries
Oct 11, 2017

The Long-Term Health Consequences For Not Treating Car Accident Injuries | AICA AtlantaOver the last several decades, automobiles have gotten faster, while the reaction time of most drivers has diminished with the emergence of technology and smartphone devices. This combination is partly responsible for the 340,000 car accidents that take place in Georgia each year.

If you are involved in a car accident in Atlanta, the best thing you can do for your long-term health is to contact AICA Atlanta. Our Atlanta Car Accident Doctors can provide a complete examination to diagnose and treat potential injuries before they impact your routine. Early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to avoid chronic pain and permanent impairments. Just dial (404) 889-8828 to schedule an immediate appointment.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Some of the more common accident injuries our Atlanta Chiropractors treat include:

  • Lacerations
  • Bruises
  • Fractured bones
  • Whiplash
  • Concussions
  • Tissue damage
  • Sprains

For conditions like Whiplash, symptoms may not become apparent for several weeks to a few months. This means, while you may feel fine after a car accident, you may have sustained underlying injuries that can impact your long-term health if left untreated. Even low-speed minor accidents have the potential to cause physical trauma. Research shows that speed has little correlation with injuries and drivers are just as likely to get hurt in low-speed collisions as they are during high-velocity crashes.

Physiology, emotional conditions, the angle where impact takes place, and seatbelt use also serve as factors for whether someone is injured during a car accident, all of which have nothing to do with speed. So, even if you find yourself in a light fender-bender, it is still essential to have an experienced Atlanta Car Accident Doctor evaluate your condition to ensure that your health is intact or to provide treatment if necessary.

Atlanta Chiropractic Examinations For Car Accident Victims

If you are involved in a car accident in Atlanta, contact our office as soon as possible to schedule a complete Chiropractic examination. Allowing our Chiropractors to diagnose and treat potential injuries puts you in the best position to experience long-term positive health that will enable you to follow through with your favorite activities as you grow older.

Too many accident victims try to ignore their pain or never receive appropriate treatment. Sadly, most of these patients develop chronic pain and other health complications that impair their mobility. A simple, brief examination at AICA Atlanta can make a world of difference in ensuring that these concerns do not occur. Call us today to schedule a free consultation or an immediate examination – just dial (404) 889-8828.


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