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Maintain A Healthy Spine With A Strong Core and Chiropractic Support
Nov 14, 2018

Most people understand the importance of upper body strength and core support to ensure proper posture, even if you are not familiar with chiropractic care. A strong core helps keep your spine healthy. That being said, in order to keep your spine healthy, it is important to be on the alert for overuse injuries.

Overuse Injuries

Most people equate overuse injuries with sports or high-impact exercises. These are not the only activities that can cause these types of injuries, however. Repetitive positions like sitting at a desk all day typing at a computer can also cause an overuse injury.

Our Atlanta chiropractors are experts in not only identifying what is causing the injury but also finding the most appropriate treatment to help you heal. Cross training is one activity where it is important to balance your workouts to prevent an injury. Mixing in yoga to increase flexibility while developing your strength and cardio with cross-training will help you reduce muscle tension and prevent injury. It is important to stretch out any tight muscles, work on strengthening weak muscles, and maintaining a balance of both to avoid overuse.

Achieving Strong Core Muscles

People often feel like they have to work out daily to achieve and maintain a strong core. This is not true at all. Our bodies require at least one rest day a week in order to recover and prepare for additional strengthening. In addition, seeing our chiropractors routinely is an excellent way to relieve inflammation caused by overuse. Using ice and heat on tired and sore areas of your body is also a great way to heal your body.

It is important to maintain routine care with our chiropractors in order to address and treat any unhealed injuries you may have that are not initially symptomatic. Unhealed injuries tend to compile and worsen over time, eventually having an impact on the way you move and your quality of life. If you are interested in learning more about how to prevent and treat overuse injuries, call us at (404) 889-8828 to schedule your consultation.