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Maximizing The Health Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment
Nov 13, 2017

Back pain is almost as inevitable as death and taxes. In fact, The Good Body found that 80 percent of all Americans will, at some point of their lives, experience a degree of back pain. The reported cases of lower back pain is ever-increasing, with a study showing an increase of 4.2 percent from 1997 to 2013 of seniors (29.5 percent to 33.7 percent) who experienced such pain. And in that span, there was a 0.9 percent increase of lower back pain for adults between the ages of 18 and 65.

Chiropractic Care Relieves Chronic Pain

To go even further in depth, lower back pain is more prevalent in women, and all back pain causes disability in 20 percent of women and 31 percent of men. Now, there are all sorts of different joint pains with many different causes, but lower back pain has proven to be one of the most significant of problems in regards to the prevalence of such joint pain. And that’s why we want to talk about treatment options for your back pain, and why visiting our Atlanta Chiropractors is essential.

Of course, there is a wide variety of options when treating back pain, with one of those being drugs that may be prescribed to decrease swelling and relieve pain. There are also yoga and other exercise plans that can be used to alleviate joint pain, as well as vitamins that are geared to help ease symptoms. The best thing to do is seek Chiropractic attention, though, as an Atlanta Chiropractor will help come up with the best option for you.

Things To Consider When Seeking Chiropractic Care

One of the primary techniques used by a Chiropractor is manual-thrust manipulation, which is found by The American Chiropractic Association to decrease lower back pain symptoms by 30 percent in 94 percent of patients within a month. As far as prescribed medication goes, though, there is a 38 percent drop-off in patients that experience the same results in a similar timeframe (56 percent of them). Medical costs is something to consider as well, was the ACA reports that patients seeing a Chiropractor can save the U.S. as much as $83.5 million in medical care costs per year.

Yet, many people are still reluctant to visit a Chiropractor, and are skeptical in the advantages they might provide for lower back pain. So, here are some things to consider when looking for the most out of a Chiropractic visit.

1.) Choose your Chiropractor wisely

As is the case with any service you seek out, choosing the right provider is essential. And because chiropractic care for lower back pain is very delicate, it is important to especially choose the right Chiropractor in order for you to get the best treatment without the risk of error. It is important to know that you have every right to interview a potential care provider before you start a treatment plan. Feel free to schedule an appointment with Atlanta’s Chiropractors in order to meet and interview a care provider so you can get started with treatment for your lower back pain.

2.) Hydration is key

The care a Chiropractor provides is an excellent way to alleviate pain your lower back, but there are still a handful of things you can do on your own after the session to maximize the improvement of your symptoms. One very effective and important factor is to drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated. Within your spine are a series of small discs that function as shock absorbers. Without these discs, your back is vulnerable to damage. Well, these discs constantly drain and refill water. If you are dehydrated, then there wont be enough water to refill the discs and thus can cause damage to your spine.

3.) Get proper sleep

We often find ourselves running around in our daily schedules, and this can put a lot of stress on your body both mentally and physically. Time off to relax and recover is essential, especially after a visit to a Chiropractor. A lot of spasms, stiffness, soreness, and pain could be due to stress and anxiety, so take a day off to visit an Atlanta Chiropractor and then relax the rest of the day to give your body some essential recovery time.

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