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Permanent Pain Relief and Chiropractic Treatment For Sprained Ankles
Jun 28, 2017

Ankle sprains can happen at a moment’s notice and are extremely painful, if not debilitating.

If left untreated, sprained ankles can cause other chronic conditions to develop over time and have the potential to alter your ability to follow through with your personal or professional obligations.

Contact our Atlanta Chiropractors if you experienced a sprained ankle – just dial (404) 889-8828 to schedule a free consultation or immediate treatment.

Treating Sprained Ankles

Patients tend to sprain their ankle after accidentally rolling their foot while walking or exercising, as well as by tearing the ligaments that help keep your ankle stabilized when in motion. Walking over uneven surfaces and falling on slippery surfaces are also common causes of sprained ankles.

To determine the most appropriate treatment plan, a complete examination is required to understand the exact location, depth, and size of your injury. Using state-of-the-art imaging devices, our Atlanta Chiropractors can create a comprehensive 3D view of the ankle injury – essentially acting as a blueprint for how treatment should be rendered.

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment and At-Home Solutions For Sprained Ankles

To help support your recovery process, there are a variety of actions you can take at home to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. The following recommendations serve as general ideas for nurturing a sprained ankle, ask our Atlanta Chiropractors for advice that pertains specifically to your needs.

  • Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen are perfectly safe to use and help reduce inflammation.
  • Try to keep your ankle elevated and free of any weight or pressure for at least 48 hours after the injury takes place. Keeping your sprained ankle wrapped will help alleviate some of the pressure and pain.
  • Apply ice as often as necessary to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Contact AICA Atlanta For Treatment and Permanent Pain Relief

The Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, such as sprained ankles. We are here to make sure that you do not have to live in pain, nor do you have to alter your lifestyle to compensate for your injury.

If you suffer a sprained ankle, contact AICA Atlanta to schedule a free consultation or a complete examination. We are open Monday through Sunday and provide 24/7 assistance in case you have any initial questions.