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Proactive Steps You Should Take After An Injury Occurs
Mar 13, 2020

Proactive Steps You Should Take After An Injury Occurs | AICA AtlantaEngaging in physical exercise like riding a bike can lead to a healthier life. However, there is always a risk of falling and sustaining an injury. Our Atlanta chiropractic clinic has seen its fair share of accident injuries and has some suggestions on what you should do if such an event occurs.

Minor Injuries Like Abrasions

If you fall and endure an abrasion of some kind, our chiropractors highly recommend applying hydrogen peroxide, which will help to eliminate bacteria growing inside the wound. For two to three days following an injury, applying the hydrogen peroxide will help to sterilize and protect the area from infection. Also, use a clear sealing bandage to keep the area protected.

After the initial application of hydrogen peroxide and covering the area with a non-stick bandage, tend to the area with calendula cream once a scar appears. Avoid using vitamin E until the scabbing is completely gone since this will exaggerate the scarring.

The abrasion will most likely come with some level of pain, so taking NSAIDs such as ibuprofen may be your go-to; however, these medications can lead to stomach issues.

Treatment Options

So, what is the best medicine to take for this type of injury? A proteolytic enzyme is highly recommended following an abrasion. These enzymes can also be taken as a preventative if you engage in physical activity that puts you at risk for injury. As these enzymes promote healing, take one to two capsules per day throughout the recovery process to optimize healing.

When looking for proteolytic enzymes to optimize healing, a digestive enzyme without HCI will help to improve healing. Digestive enzymes help to digest the protein in foods and reduce inflammation, which makes these enzymes natural anti-inflammatories. Those enzymes that do contain HCI also help in the digestion process and can help to decrease left-sided headaches, as well as slow digestion and bloating.

Chiropractic Care Can Help You Prevent Further Injuries

Aside from enzymes, a preventive measure against traumatic injuries is chiropractic manipulation. When these manipulation and adjustments are administered, patients report that their balance has improved as well as a faster recovery which allows them to participate in the activities they enjoy.

Cycling is a wonderful sport and an excellent way to boost your overall health. If you encounter an injury, take advantage of the excellent therapies are Atlanta chiropractors can provide. Call today to schedule an appointment by dialing (404) 889-8828.