How Patients In Atlanta Can Help Treat Scoliosis With Chiropractic Care

Nov 13, 2014

Scoliosis comes in many shapes and severities and can affect you in different ways.  Some cases are smaller and don’t need much treatment aside from observation, while others grow to the point of causing you pain.

Scoliosis is the official term of the unnatural curving of your spine.  Your spine is supposed to remain straight when looking from the back, but it can curve into a “C” shape or an “S” shape, deforming the body.  Depending on the severity of the curve, it can affect your posture and how the rest of your body is aligned.

Close Observation

This is the most common scoliosis treatment as many cases aren’t severe enough to warrant more powerful treatment.  Many cases of adult scoliosis don’t produce symptoms or discomfort, so there is no need to jump into an invasive treatment if it is not necessary.

For patients in Atlanta that suffer from Scoliosis, here’s how you can help create a plan of action that prevents your condition from worsening.

Physical Activity

Many with scoliosis are convinced that they are not able to exercise due to their condition.  This is not a true statement as physical activity is not only permitted for scoliosis sufferers, but encouraged as treatment.

When you exercise, you loosen the spinal bones and muscles, making them more flexible.  This can help reduce any pain that may be associated with scoliosis as well.

While exercise is beneficial to relieving pain and enhancing your spine’s flexibility, it is important to know your body’s limits.  If you experience pain while performing any physical activity, stop the exercise and consult a medical professional to treat the injury.


When scoliosis occurs in teenagers, it’s possible that the condition may worsen if not treated properly.  A teenager’s spine is still forming, so if there is any hitch in how it grows, it’s possible that the spine will continue to grow that way.

In order to prevent your teenager’s spine from curving to an unhealthy shape, they are typically fit into a brace to keep the spine straight.  This prevents the curve from getting worse, as well as help mold the spine back into its naturally, straight position.


In severe cases, where your spine curve exceeds 45 degrees, you may need surgery.  If the curve degenerates too much beyond 45 degrees, you run the risk of affecting your heart, lungs and other organs.

Surgery can be an invasive way straighten out your spine. However, in many cases, it may be the last option available. It is also the most direct way of getting the curve out.

Don’t Wait For an Evaluation

If you think you may have a curvature in your spine, don’t hesitate to get it evaluated to make sure that it doesn’t get worse. While a small curve will not cause much damage, larger curves can impact your organs and may cause complications.

Early detection and treatment is the best way to deal with scoliosis.  The longer the curve stays, the harder it is to revert back to normal.  A doctor or chiropractor will have the expertise necessary to diagnose your condition and treat any side effects.


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