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Seasonal Changes Influence Personal Health
Oct 23, 2019

Seasonal Changes Influence Personal Health | AICA AtlantaWith the change in seasons, people’s lives may change or be altered depending on where you live. Winter in New York is very different than that of a Georgia winter and personal health can fluctuate throughout the seasons.

Creating A Balance

Chiropractic is about assuring the body runs with as little interference as possible and allowing the power that made the body heals the body. When adding in chiropractic care among other natural healing components, you can begin to see positive changes in your energy as well as your health. Check out the following information that highlights how the holiday and winter seasons affect personal health.

Daylight Hours

As autumn comes to a close in late December, daylight hours decrease making day and night equal. This can affect many things in nature as there are fewer daylight hours in the day.

How does this affect you? In our society, we are driven to succeed and we may feel that if we are not juggling a hundred things at a time then we must not be succeeding, right? Much like nature, we as a human race should strive to slow down during this season to allow our bodies to recharge and rest to ensure that we can enjoy the warmer and longer days of daylight ahead.

Keep in mind, this is also the time to catch up on sleep as sleep is a critical aspect of your overall health. If you are sleep deprived or just not getting enough sleep you will not be able to achieve your highest level of productivity. So, those long hours you think may be helping you advance in your life or career, really are not. Slow down this season and enjoy some much-needed rest!


As the daylight decreases, the temperatures drop. In autumn, the body takes time to acclimate to any big shifts, and acclimating to temperature is no different. When the weather is colder outside, the body requires more energy to keep heated and maintain proper temperature on the inside. The adaptation period for seasons and body temperature can take about 10 – 20 days.

Sleep, energy, success. Say that again. As the temperatures begin to drop in the colder months, the body requires more energy and that can be achieved by slowing down and getting the sleep you need. As the temperature changes, the body must adapt to that change and the nervous system must be in optimal health to ensure the body is communicating effectively. Seeking care from a chiropractor can ensure that the spine is in its best condition possible which will help your body prepare from changes in climate.

Food Harvests Change

Fall food! Now, when some think of the holidays they may think of all the bad stuff you may indulge in, however, fall brings about many healthy options as well such as fruits and vegetables. Instead of picking up a pie at the local supermarket, think about taking a trip to a local farmers market and buying local produce that can provide your body with a positive boost.

The cycles of nature are more than just leaves falling off a tree or longer nights spent outside. When you learn to adapt your life to the changes in season and accommodate your life to the seasonal shifts, your body can generate more energy and you ultimately feel better as a whole.

Your life and health are better with less interference. This is the foundation upon which chiropractic is built and is successful. By getting your spine checked regularly, you can better prepare your body for the changes ahead and succeed in ways you never thought possible. Contact our Atlanta chiropractors for more information on how adjustments ban be beneficial for your overall health by dialing (404) 889-8828 today!