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Why Do I Suffer From Chronic Headaches?

Mar 27, 2017

If you are like most of the people residing throughout Atlanta, headaches are one of the primary causes of medication use and sick days.

But why do headaches happen?

Causes of Chronic Headaches

Headaches are not a health issue and are indicative of other problems.

Consider the following list of headache triggers provided by our AICA Atlanta Chiropractors to see whether or not your pain stems from sources that can addressed with Chiropractic treatment.

Personal Diet

The kinds of food you consume on a regular basis have a direct influence on how often you experience a headache.

Foods like diet soda, alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, and common supplements like Aspartame Sucralose are linked to neurological conditions including headaches.

If you are dehydrated or you suffer from particular blood sugar conditions, these sources are also often responsible for triggering chronic headaches.


If you are unable to open your jaw or if your jaw often clicks and pops, you may have a condition known as TMJ.

This particular situation affects your skull and causes significant imbalance or tension that creates tension headaches.

Working wth one of our experienced Atlanta Chiropractors allows you to receive adjustments that help restore balance to your cranium and jaw, which helps alleviate tension.

Computers and Texting:

More people work in some office career that forces them to stare at a computer monitor or cell phone for hours at a time.

Maintaining positions that force your head forward and down adds a significant amount of strain and stress on your neck, upper back area, and head.

When this position is held for too long, it often leads to intense muscle soreness, severe neck pain, chronic back pain, and recurring tension headaches.

Stretching for ten minutes every hour, practicing good ergonomics through your work equipment, exercising on a regular basis, and receiving Chiropractic adjustments all help eliminate the adverse effects of being confined to a desk each day.

Spinal Misalignments

If your spine is not positioned correctly or contains particular barriers that prevent your circulatory system from functioning correctly, headaches are often the result.

A fast and efficient solution for treating spinal misalignments is to see one of our Atlanta Chiropractors who can help pinpoint the source of your condition and provide immediate pain relief.

Car accidents

After a severe car accident, your muscles, ligaments, and tendons are likely to be harmed in some capacity.

For those who do not seek immediate Chiropractic treatment after a car accident, Whiplash related neck pain and soreness often develop later on, as well as chronic headaches.

Some accident victims do not notice any particular symptom like chronic headaches for years, making it difficult to understand the source of the issue.

This is why it is imperative to visit a Chiropractor as soon as possible following a car accident in Atlanta.

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