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Summer Driving Risks In Atlanta
Apr 29, 2019

When we think of summer, we think of the pool, the ocean and riding our favorite rides at the amusement park. So, typically when we think of summer accidents we think they are associated with common activities that we participate in.

Knowing The Risks

However, what we may forget is almost everywhere you go there is activity near the roadways which can cause an influx in accidents. The following are reasons why you should always use caution when traveling any roadway, especially when warmer weather arrives.

Walkers and Cyclists

Warmer weather means more people being outdoors exercising and riding their bicycles rather than being cooped up in their cars. Riding your bike is an excellent form of exercise as well as economical. The influx of cyclists however lead to potential accidents and injuries.

When driving, be cautious of cyclists and walkers on the road and always yield to pedestrians and always share the road with cyclists to avoid collisions. When drivers are distracted or do not allow cyclists to share the road, they run the risk of causing injury to the cyclist as well as themselves and if found negligent in the accident, they may be responsible for damages to the injured parties.

Drunk Drivers

Summer is often a popular time for concerts and festivals and at these events alcohol consumption is something individuals may partake in. Unfortunately, teens are also more prone to getting access to alcohol in this season and have their own parties as well. These factors make for a recipe for disaster in regards to Atlanta’s roadways as a higher number on intoxicated drivers enter our streets.

Georgia has strict laws in regards to drinking and driving but even with the strict laws it cannot prevent the accidents from occurring. Unfortunately, many of these intoxicated drivers cause accidents and they become fatal. Always be cautious and practice defensive driving tactics to protect yourself.

Road Construction

With inclement weather from the winter and spring, road conditions may be deteriorated and even dangerous to drive on. Improving road conditions mean that there will be construction workers and work zones on the roads creating risks for both drivers and workers. There is always discussion of safety for our road workers but there is also dangers for our drivers as well. If work zones are not marked properly, equipment is left in the roads, or even if traffic isn’t being directed correctly, accidents can occur.

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy the warm weather and all the fun it brings. However, if your fun in the sun is interrupted by an accident and you suffer injuries, please contact our team of Atlanta chiropractors as we can help with pain management and get you back to enjoying the sunny weather! Call us today at (404) 889-8828!